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Denmark and New Zealand give all the appearance of being quiet, law-abiding havens, yet they have astonishingly challenging charts which suggest otherwise.  So the astrology isn’t surprised to learn that Denmark has the highest prevalence of sexual violence in Europe according to several studies; and New Zealand has the highest rate of family violence in the developed world.

Denmark, 5 June 1849 12.15 pm Copenhagen, has an afflicted Mars in assertive/aggressive Aries conjunct Saturn trine the Moon – there are always elements of cruelty wrapped up in Mars Saturn. Mars is also trine Jupiter in flashy Leo and sextile the Sun which opposes the Moon, so there will be a showy streak in the Danish character. There’s also a tumultuous Uranus Pluto and Venus in indulgent Taurus in the intense and secretive 8th.

New Zealand 17 January 1853 12 am Wellington, NZ, has a 4th house Sun Mars in Capricorn which has a decidedly masculine and argumentative/aggressive feel in the chart area of home and family; and that squares onto an enraged and cornered Pluto and volatile and explosive Uranus. So tensions will flare up all too easily.

Like the Denmark chart, the Moon trines Jupiter, to give a sugar coating to the underlying realities of home and women.

Well that’s one mystery solved.  I never understood either chart until these stats emerged.–a-look-into-nzs-homegrown-family-violence-epidemic

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  1. Now we have the news this afternoon in Christchurch New Zealand of shootings… 1.45pm…15 March. Male energy again by the sound of it. Its still early to know what is going on. The planets are playing sad games

    Thanks for your great posts Marjorie. Always enjoy them Thanks from Auckland New Zealand

    • Isn’t that more to do with the fact they deal with long, cold, dark seasons and can have seriously low levels of Vit D if they are not careful? Just having a few dark months in the UK can cause many people to have SAD syndrome, so I think the problem is tenfold in Scandinavia. I read years back that schools in Finland, especially in the darker months, they have breaks throughout the day so the children can sit in front of a sunlight box lamp to help balance their health. I think it’s strongly rooted in that. I guess if they don’t keep that up as they get older it can have dramatic effects on their mental health.

      • Seattle also has the SAD issue but folks just shrug it off. It is not so much abt Vit D levels as it is the lack of sunshine to help the body’s “clock” to keep in-time thru harmonizing with a circadian rhythm. Hoping this rambling explanation helps. Both I and my doctor take 8K – 10K IU of vitamin D daily. Also I take blood tests to monitor my Vit-D levels. At 10K IU daily, I’m well within “normal” limits. The old adage of “15 minutes a week will suffice” is largely guesswork.

      • There is also research which is largely supportive that lack of sunshine and autism are related. There is a small town called Rainier, WA which has the highest level of autism per capita in the US. Children remain glued to their computers or TVs … and rarely go outside to play. Indeed, why does Seattle have the highest levels percapita of multiple sclerosis in the US…possibly in the world?

  2. After living in New Zealand for a few years I definitely agree with Marjorie. You have only to read the local news. New Zealand’s human rights have been under review from the UN.

  3. Perhaps some facts would’nt go amiss:

    In the US, Canada and the UK, 2010 – 2012 domestic violence by gender; 19% of Men and 23% of Women assaulted at least once in their lifetimes by their partners.
    Rates of males attacking females 21%
    Rates of females attacking males 28%
    The reasons behind the violence similar for both sexes.
    Men are less likely to report domestic abuse directed at them.
    Women are more likely to get seriously hurt because men have more power in their upper bodies.
    Uncomfortable facts but better to face the truth than falsification.

    • Also worth pointing out that the ‘ aggressive masculine energy ‘ which Marjorie refers to is just as likely to be expressed by women as by men.

  4. This is so interesting. I never would have thought a country like Denmark or New Zealand would rank so highly on the violence scale. If anything I would have assumed the United States (which is my country) ranking higher in terms of violence for an industrialized nation.

    Chris Romero
    Jacksonville, Florida

  5. I read a few years ago about the high rape statistics in Scandinavia is due to how the crime is reported. Women are always urged and taken seriously in reporting the crime ( I think they are also taken seriously in court, unlike here in the UK where she is often made out to be a whore and a criminal which scares women coming forward) and interestingly, if for example, a woman is raped every day for a year by her husband, here in the UK it would be recorded as a situation in which rape was a regular occurrence. In Sweden and Denmark, however, it would be a case of 365 crimes. This makes the rape stats in Scandinavia look eye-popping when in fact, they are doing a thorough job and supporting women in coming forward. I dare say, if the rest of the Western world got their act together like they do in Scandinavia the results would look extremely similar and highlight we have a serious problem. If I’m wrong on this, I’m open to be put right.

    Also, I don’t know what to make of the rape stats regarding immigrants. I know there’s a huge culture clash but there is also a lot of racism towards them everywhere in the world. I heard on the news once when Americans were being interviewed about their concern on immigrants and a number of the women were bleating on about them ‘raping us’. I just rolled my eyes. Statistics show a woman or a child (both male and female) are more likely to be sexually abused or raped by a man in their own family or by a friend. Immigrants should have been the least of their worries. I don’t think rape is an immigrant problem but a male problem worldwide. No offence to the men here, or anywhere, it’s not intended that way. I just worry about there not being enough education for young boys that a number (and the stats show, a large number) of them grow up disrespecting women because misogyny is what defines their masculinity.) Even that case recently in Italy where three female judges let two rapists go free because they considered the victim as too masculine, was shocking. That their definition is; beauty equals validation from men, so stop complaining. Not attractive equals being invisible. These women who decided these vile rapists were innocent on that basis shows women also need to be re-educated about their value and do away with misogyny once and for all. It absolutely infuriates me.

    On the domestic violence in NZ, there is a damn good 1994 kiwi film called, Once Were Warriors, that focuses on a Maori family and how they deal with domestic violence and how their culture is falling away and probably the root cause to their problem/identity. It deals with severe wife beating (some very hard scenes to watch), child sex abuse, suicide, and about the wife trying to find her own identity in the chaos. So, obviously tuning into a well-known problem even 25 yrs ago. It’s a powerful film.

    • I know this is from a Swedish newspaper in February 2017 but it’s believed this is how they go about investigating and reporting the ‘rape’ problem throughout Scandinavia. “In Sweden, each case of sexual violence is recorded as a separate incident. So for example, if someone says they were raped by a partner every day for a fortnight, officers will record 14 potential crimes. In other countries the claim could be logged as a single incident. Sweden also significantly broadened its definition of rape in 2005, which means the word “rape” can be used to record acts which would be called assault or bodily harm in other countries. That led to an increase in the number of rapes reported in the country in the years following the law change, which since appears to have levelled out.”

      Link to full report:

  6. Maybe the danish chart should be moved one hour back. British born astrologer Adrian Ross Duncan, living many years in Denmark use a chart set for 5 june 1849 11.09 am, see

    Adrian Ross and danish astrologer Karl Åge Jensen seems to agree that this is a good rectification. Though, it is also based on minutes from the state council and the last meeting of the Contitutional Assemply. Appearently, the king Frederik VII signed the constitution a short while after 11 am. An hour later the Constitution was presented to the Assemply.

  7. You might want to ask how countries ranking high in gender equality tend to rank high on reported domestic and sexual violence, too. Could it be that when the injuried party has a true, financial option of leaving an abusive relationship, or when the injuried party won’t be blamed for their condition, they report the crimes?

    Another option, of course, is women going out and having a life outside tending a family makes men beat them up (because this is the dynamics domestic violence, 90 per cent of the time).

    But I tend to believe it’s the former. In Finland, where we actually took in some 2015 wave refugees, unlike in Denmark, where they plan to isolate refugees on an island used to testing swine flu, we’ve had a couple of horrible domestic abuse cases involving Iraqi refugees lately. But I honestly don’t think these women and children would have had it easier in their homeland. I think they might not have even been reported, as individuals, in many countries.

  8. Meh. Small countable countries always show up extreme results. Also that’s a very unusual date for NZ, there are lots of possible moments to chose, our national day, Feb 6, Waitangi, based on the signing of our founding treaty in 1840, makes us Aquarian…. there’s others too, leaving the Empire etc… I’ve never seen an 1853 one before, what happened then?

    • Nick Campion: Effective self government in NZ began with the coming into effect of the Constitution Act. Some years ago I tested this chart against major happenings like quakes, UK into EEC etc etc and it works well.

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