Boeing – more turbulence ahead



The EU, China, India, Hong Kong, New Zealand and United Arab Emirates and others have ordered the grounding of the Boeing 737 Max 8, while investigators work to find the cause of an Ethio­pian Airlines crash that killed 157 this week. It may be similar to the same model Boeing plane crash last October in Indonesia which killed 189 people.

After Trump consulted with the Boeing CEO U.S. aviation safety officials decided not to issue a temporary ban on the plane. This was later reversed when evidence emerged suggesting similarities to the previous crash.

Boeing was founded 15 July 1916 in Seattle, Washington has has tr Pluto opposing the Cancer Sun exactly now, and on and off till late 2020. It’s also had the discouraging tr Pluto opposition its Saturn last year and throughout this year as well. So a period of heavy challenges, hardship, deprivation and forced change under significant pressure.

When the October 2018 crash occurred tr Saturn was opposition the Boeing Pluto Venus in Cancer – which is the chart area that was being heavily stressed in 2008 and the aftermath during the crash by tr Pluto in opposition.

The Boeing Jupiter in Taurus square Neptune in Leo is being elbowed from mid April for two weeks, and again across the year end which is tricky to evaluate. Tr Uranus conjunct Jupiter should bring luck and relief but with Neptune involved it could burst a false-happiness, over-confidence bubble.

What’s for sure is that after the grinding transformation of 2019/2020, the following year 2021 will see setbacks of a major order as the Solar Arc Saturn opposes the Boeing Jupiter and squares the Neptune; followed in 2022/23 by the panicky-failure tr Neptune opposition the Boeing Mars.

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  1. “Air Force says Boeing has ‘severe situation’ after trash found on refueling planes”

    Airbus would have delivered 40+ new refueling tankers to the Air Force by the time Boeing would have delivered a mere 18 in FY2017. That’s Making America Great Again. To date only 6 tankers have been delivered to the Air Force.

    Boeing had airplanes refused by commercial carriers because of the “trash” problem, mostly piles of cigarette butts in the cargo areas. 787 had a severe FOD problem, triggering battery fires on All Nippon (ANA) a/c.

    Gotta hand it to those union machinists. Oh, and the teams of pre-delivery inspectors.

  2. Trump has grounded all MAX 737 planes. Not clear if he (as president) has that authority…but it is a rare moment he’s done the right thing.

  3. Not clear how one can link Boeing aircraft troubles with Airbus troubles regarding the 737 MAX. If it is a design issue, well, Boeing has its work cut out. It had tremendous teething pains with the 787, floating billions in loans to purchase the entire supply chain it sought to push off onto suppliers, and the incessant battery fires. Airlines are complaining (and refusing delivery!) of a/c because of excessive foreign object debris (FOD) = garbage, dirt, leftover materials, bolts and washers left inside the a/c. Points to lack of discipline and lack of attention to detail. Both Boeing and Airbus had FOD issues in the past.

  4. Interesting analysis. Will Airbus benefit from Boeing’s misfortune?
    If Airbus is also expected to be in trouble, then it means the entire industry is facing a problem.

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