Jeremy Corbyn – facing down the establishment

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Leftwing Jeremy Corbyn has been re-elected as Labour leader (UK Opposition), with 61.8% of the vote, a larger margin than last year, in a poll forced on him after more than 170 MPs supported a motion of no confidence in him. Though it’s not clear what comes next since only about 20% of Labour MPs support him and he is regarded as holding to an old-fashioned, marginalised, leftwing ideology.

The result was announced at 12.51 pm in Liverpool today which puts a successful Sun Jupiter in Libra in the 10th square Mars in late Sagittarius – so a touch reckless and over-confident, can be self-aggrandizing, hypocritical, revelling in arguments, fanatical. There’s an intense 8th house Cancer Moon opposition Pluto square a 5th house Uranus – so it will be reformist, could be an agent for progressive change but could just as easily be anarchic, ‘an outer fringe rebel whose compulsive activities shock and jolt conventions.’ (Bil Tierney). Plus a paranoid Neptune opposition North Node Mercury square Saturn in Sagittarius – so much self-righteous crusading.

It’s not quite as bad tempered or stressed as his 2015 victory, 12 Sept 2015 11.42am London, though it also had Jupiter in the 10th, which kept him afloat. But this one will be even more emotionally anchored in the dim and distant past with nostalgic yearnings for the old days of left-wing glory with that Cancer Moon in the 8th.

Where his leadership term runs into real trouble will be from late 2017 as the Saturn square Neptune draws exact by Solar Arc; and tr Saturn is conjunct the Mars and then moving into Capricorn squares the Sun Jupiter. And even before then with tr Neptune squaring Saturn it’ll be riddled with suspicion and doubt.

There are two possible Labour Party charts – 26 Feb 1900 and 12 Feb 1906. Both of them look undermined and confused in 2016/17; and both indicate an even more major meltdown in late 2018/19. The 1906 chart does show signs of success around 2022/23, so towards the next election but one. The red rose will continue to wilt for some years ahead.

Jeremy Corbyn’s personal chart, 26 May 1949, is picking up the tr Saturn opposition his Venus Mercury this November which will be less than lyrical but will move on quickly. But into 2017 he’s got a double whammy of tr Pluto in a deeply frustrating trine to his Mars in Taurus (which is natally square Pluto); and a discouraging tr Pluto opposition Sun/Saturn which is a dreary slog, feeling isolated and ill-done to. He’ll lose the uplifting tr Pluto square Jupiter/Uranus of this autumn. By 2018 tr Neptune will be square his Venus Mercury which will not improve his morale.

John McDonnell, 8 Sept 1951, the Shadow Chancellor and even further left than Corbyn, is looking similarly slumped by events through 2017 with tr Neptune opposition his Virgo Sun; as well as a panicky-failure Solar Arc Mars conjunct Neptune; and a dead-halt Solar Arc Sun square Pluto. So nothing much going his way. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a falling out between Corbyn and McDonnell sometime around April and onwards next year with tr Uranus square their composite Sun Venus.

Tom Watson, 8 Jan 1967, Deputy Labour Leader elected on a separate ticket and not a Corbyn fan, is facing a challenging and transcendentally aggravating 2017 with tr Pluto conjunct his Capricorn Sun and square his Mars in Libra. He may be freed of Corbyn in 2018 with tr Uranus conjunct their composite Jupiter.

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  1. Ruth, there was a similar response on here to Marjorie’s predictions re Hillary Clinton, made when Clinton was riding high. A month later, there was a furore about her health and Trump draws level in the polls, not that polls are to be trusted but the astrology wasn’t looking good and someone hugely objected to Marjorie saying so. She was going to find a different interpretation. No wonder astrology is looked upon as daft and just ‘a bit of fun’ when the technical evidence is considered a moveable feast to suit our wishes. Perhaps, Marjorie could start lying to us, after all, TS Eliot said that humankind can’t stand too much truth.

    • Less biased? As in what you’d like to hear? It’s why I put in explanations of where the interpretations come from. If you have other ways of understanding them, do pitch in.

  2. Dates are a bit of a moveable feast on wiki and to be treated with a pinch of salt. But the relationship between the membership and either PLP chart are bad news over the next two/three/four years – which pretty much reflects the grim influences on the leading player’s charts (above)

  3. I read up on the two dates that are listed for the founding of the Labour Party and it seems that the first one (27/02/1900) is the one for the foundation of a Labour Representation Committee, with Trade Unions backing it. So, I would count that as the date of the founding of the general membership of the Labour Party.

    The 1906 day (which Wikipedia gives as 15/02/1906, not 12/02/1906) was the first meeting of the Labour Party in Parliament, so the founding of the Parliamentary Labour party.

    Marjorie, can I request you to compare the two charts to see if there are signs of the conflict between the two dying down?

    And thank you very much for helping those of us who follow you make sense of the politics upheavals that seem to be affecting both sides of the Pond.

    All dates from Wikipedia

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