January 6 – GOP’s fortunes tied to Trump’s

The January 6th anniversary of the Capitol attack by an angry mob, cheer-leaded on by Trump’s false claim the election had been stolen, has come and gone. The House select committee set up in July 2021 to investigate, after an attempt to impeach Trump for incitement of insurrection fell short of the two thirds majority required, and a bipartisan independent commission was blocked by Senate Republicans, continues in an uphill battle to get Trump supporters to testify.

  Despite none of the recounts showing any indications of mistakes or fraud, 58 percent of Republicans still say Biden was not legitimately elected, though that is down from 70 percent a year ago. About 7 in 10 Americans say Biden’s election as president was legitimate.

  The January 6 2021 attack happened with tr Pluto exactly on the opposition to the US Mercury which is natally opposition Pluto so it triggered that streak in the US temperament which gets obsessed by fixed ideas, won’t listen to rational argument and dives headfirst into bitter, hostile arguments. It also tends to attract demagogues (= firebrands and rabblerousers) and frauds who misrepresent the truth.

  Transiting Pluto has now moved on to square the US Mercury/Pluto midpoint and then conjunct the US Pluto for the Return, starting next month and running off an on till late 2024. This was always going to be a fraught few years with poisonous political debates.

  The 1 July 2021 Committee chart has a Mercury square Neptune which isn’t too hopeful for a decisive outcome; though there’ll be plenty of heated outbursts with an enthusiastic Venus Mars in Leo opposition Saturn square Uranus. That later T square is being rattled through the next three months by the tr Uranus square tr Saturn so tensions will rise leading to eruptions.

  There will be some sort of – maybe not closure – but a culmination in 2023 when there is an angry, argumentative  Solar Arc Mercury square the Mars; and a reality-check Solar Arc Saturn is conjunct the Jupiter.

  Political party charts are never a good guide and I never liked the Republican ones but  Jessica Adams has a slightly different date for them of 12 October 1853, which looks marginally more illuminating. It has the persuasive and quarrelsome Mercury opposition Pluto as in the US chart and it too is catching the transiting Pluto square Mercury from this March on and off till late 2023 and then square the Pluto through 2023 to late 2024. So they will be fomenting harsh discussions. The Mars in Leo square Uranus in Taurus at 11 degrees seems from past experience to be particularly sensitive and it is being ignited February 7th to March 12th this year so there will be fireworks. Assuming this chart holds good there will be a frustrating setback of considerable proportions as Solar Arc Mars squares the Pluto, exact in six months; and considerable upheaval and turnaround in a year’s time or just before with the Solar Arc Uranus opposing the Pluto.

   The GOP has hitched its wagon to Trump for good or ill so his fortunes will impact on their future looks.

  For all the bombast his chart is not looking good. He’s still wincing over a financial sinkhole from Solar Arc Saturn conjunct his 2nd house Neptune three months back;  and a nerve-wracked Solar Arc Neptune opposition his 10th house Uranus, also just passed but still in effect. Through this month and into early February he has tr Uranus square his 12th house Pluto which will be upsetting his stability and loosening his grip on his sense of power. Tr Pluto is also quincunx his Mars in Leo this month and again late in the year which will give rise to aggravations and outbursts of frustrated rage.

  The rest of February will be overly-excitable, rattled and could hint at health issues. Tr Neptune will continue to square and undermine his Sun all year, coming back onto the next exact aspect in late February.  He will have a sprinkling of luck at points but in a year’s time he runs into a scary dead-halt from Solar Arc Mars square his Pluto; and into 2024/25 he has his Solar Arc Neptune conjunct his South Node and then his Moon and after opposing his Sun.

  Sean Hannity of Fox News, whose texts to Trump pre-January 6th indicate he was an unofficial adviser and was warning in advance against any such escalation.

  Hannity, 30 December 1961 10.30am New York, is an ambitious Sun, Mars, Venus in Capricorn trine Pluto Uranus in Virgo with an over-hopeful Neptune square Jupiter. He’s anxious and uncertain now with tr Saturn square tr Uranus hitting his Jupiter and Neptune this month and the next two, deflating his optimism. By mid year he has a stuck Solar Arc Sun opposition his Pluto running for several months; with an unloved Solar Arc Saturn square his Venus in 18 months and setbacks in 2025.

  Not his shining hour ahead.

18 thoughts on “January 6 – GOP’s fortunes tied to Trump’s

  1. Election day November 5 looks pretty buoyant for Trump, with Tr Jupiter conjunct his Sun and approaching a conjunction with Uranus, Tr Uranus conjunct his NNode and sextile Venus (altho square Mars), Tr Uranus conjunct his MC, Tr Neptune trine Venus…on the face of things, the chart does not appear to be as blocked and frustrated as 2020. Don’t think I can bear another 4 years of T or his ilk.

  2. I feel what most astrologers and psychics predict the dark will be revealed this year in ALOT of areas world wide and with the USA Pluto return. Meadows, Jordon, Gaetz n Jordan to name afew. Hoping Bannon as Trump pardoned him from the grift money to build the wall suit. Trump has so much wrong doing that will come to light. I see assets seized and Ivanka flipping as well as others as he throws people under the bus to save himself. He will be dead or in jail with 2 years. Just my .50 cent forecast.

    • streets filled with empty stores and buildings(lower manhattan).abandoned construction. city covered in awnings that stand for a decade. rubble streets .vaccine panic. c..p hospitals. faux jobs. no hiring . a proud legacy!

  3. Biden is not an idiot and like all Dem presidents. he has to bail us out of the mess Republican presidents make. Both siderism, prevalent in the media and elsewhere has helped put us where we are today.

  4. Most Trump supporters are/were from small towns where people have minimum educations, associate with the same small group of family and friends, go to church, and are afraid of people of color. They believe people of color bring crime to communities. Trump appeals to racists. Large cities are largely democratic because of diversity, and higher levels of education.

  5. “Americans don’t want to be responsible or accountable”…
    Soo true … but the root of the problem is this never wavering faith in its own exceptionalism. The problem with this idea is that it leaves Americans abnormally afraid of failure and often unable to face reality. Working-class Americans so often vote for parties promising tax cuts for the rich. During the recent election, the British novelist Martin Amis recalled making this observation to an American friend, and how this friend had explained that they do so because they believe that they too will be rich some day. The “pursuit of happiness”possibly explains another trait: the dreamlike nature of America. Scott Fitzgerald captures this in one of the most admired of all American novels, The Great Gatsby, which ends with the famous lines, “Gatsby believed in the green light, the orgastic future…It eluded us then, but that’s no matter – tomorrow we will run faster, stretch out our arms farther.”
    So Americans decided to bet on a man who told them everything they wanted to hear and “I alone can fix it”. The sociopath, who meets all nine criteria of a narcissist as outlined in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5),

    • You are way too simplistic. Biden is far from an idiot, but he’s hampered by a political system that gives far too much power to opponents eager to ensure he fails so they (the Republicans, whom I prefer to think of as the Rethuglicans) can destroy democracy and usher in a truly authoritarian government.

      Please don’t write our obituary yet, since there are many, if not most, Americans who still believe passionately in democracy and will do our utmost to destroy the powers of evil and do everything in our power to restore democracy.

    • This is a classic ‘all poiticians are terrible’ non-argument. I can understand people getting fed up / scared / bored of all the political shenanigans going on, but disengage from politics and it’s a tacit vote for the dangerous ones, who will take advantage of such behavior. I agree with Nicole’s comment.

    • Jackie, it strikes me that Biden is the first president in quite a while who doesn’t seem to have much of a “cult following” around him. I think this may be confusing and uncomfortable to some of my fellow Americans on at least a subconscious level. I agree with Nicole that Biden is no dummy; there are other issues in play.

  6. Thanks Marjorie. That gives a little bit of comfort and hope – what is happening in America is truly terrifying. how anyone in their right minds could vote for this monster, I’ll never know.

    • “how anyone in their right minds could vote for this monster, I’ll never know.”

      He had a certain charisma, spoke to the unhappy masses about change and a return to a former golden age. Bannon had spoken about “building factories, steel mills, and shipyards.” Well, that was the vision past-WW2 but that kind of labor-intensive economy isn;t viable.

      I’ve learned thru the school of hard knocks that Americans don;t want to be responsible or accountable. They want the easy life, full of cream and honey. “A land of golden opportunity” as the traveling billboard broadcast in Blade Runner.

      Trump – or future GOP ilk – don;t want equality; they want it all.

      • It’s not just Americans who ‘don’t want to be responsible or accountable’: today in France 100,000 people took to the streets to make it clear that they too ‘want it all’. It seems none of them wants to be ‘their brother’s keeper’. As long as they (and all the other antivax protestors around the world) can be free to do as they please no matter what the cost to others. It seems to be a feature of our times.

      • labor IS viable. much can be manufactured in a community to bypass the AI controlled supply chain system which has strangled the country for the last 20 years.. this can also be manufactured and stockpiled on military bases. the “just in time” system must go. .

      • I didn’t, and nor did a majority of other people. But our first-past-the-post voting system put the wretched Tories in power anyway.

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