Jan-Michael Vincent – hit the self-destruct button




Jan Michael Vincent, once the highest paid TV actor for his performance as Stringfellow Hawke in the action–espionage series Airwolf in the mid 1980s, in which he co-starred with Ernest Borgnine, has died. His career stuttered to a halt after years of alcoholism and intravenous drug use caught up with him. He had numerous car accidents in several of which he suffered serious injuries; and had constant run ins with the law over brawls.

He was married three times, with his second wife having a restraining order issued against him.

Born 15 July 1945 10.16am Denver, Colorado (Rodden BC), he was a Sun Saturn in Cancer with his Sun on the midpoint of a trine between Mars conjunct the destructive Fixed star Algol in Taurus and Jupiter in Virgo.

His Neptune (Moon) in Libra was trine Venus, sextile Pluto, so he would be charismatic.   It’s not a particularly druggy chart though Sun Saturn in Cancer would give him a depressive streak. Mars on Algol wouldn’t help. And he had marked self-defeating 10th and 16th Harmonics.


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