Jade Goody – an unlikely agent for change


Jade Goody was an early reality TV star in the UK and phenomenally popular – thick as a brick, semi-educated, but given her own shows after her first Big Brother appearance and was adept at attracting publicity and earning from her own product lines. She latterly blotted her copybook by making racist remarks about an Indian actress on a subsequent Big Brother but was regarded more sympathetically after she contracted cervical cancer from which she died aged 27. A three part documentary TV series airing now is titled The Reality Star who changed Britain.

Born 8 June 1981 she was brought up by a single mother, her half-Jamaican, drug-addict and habitual criminal father having baled early on. She was a Sun Gemini trine Pluto and widely opposition Neptune; with Jupiter Saturn conjunct in Libra trine Mars in Gemini. She should have been intelligent with all that Air and was certainly street smart enough to succeed. Mars Jupiter would give her enthusiasm; Mars Saturn, toughness and a degree of self-discipline. Her Mars was also in an explosive opposition to Uranus. Her Moon was probably in late Cancer; and she had a leadership, rags-to-riches North Node in Leo.

When she died, leaving 2 young children behind, the country went into mourning. In the latter stages of her life she campaigned to publicise the risks of cervical cancer and need for smears.

At her death, tr Saturn in Virgo was hovering around the square to her Sun; tr Pluto was opposition her Venus Mercury in Cancer; and her Solar Arc Uranus was exactly conjunct her Neptune.

Pic: Keira76


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