Jacob Zuma – resisting the inevitable



Jacob Zuma has been asked by his party to resign for the sake of the country. He has said he is willing to stand down in the next three to six months but as of the moment is still in power. First elected in 2009 he has been dogged by corruption allegations.

His Second Term chart, 24 May 2014 11.35am Pretoria is control-freaky with Mars opposition an 8th house Moon Uranus square Pluto, so the likelihood of him going easily was remote. Mars is moving by Solar Arc to close the square to Pluto by the same degree in 3 months’ time, though not exact until August, which will feel like a dead-end. And tr Saturn will make a separating and aggravating square to the Moon and Mars by April – so the signs of an ending are all there.

His own chart, 12 April 1942, has tr Pluto moving to square his Aries Sun just after mid March, so the pressure is on. Though he has Saturn Uranus in Taurus so isn’t easily budged.

He’s probably aiming for an immunity deal for his retirement, though he looks deflated and less than confident over 2019 to the early 2020s.


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