Chloe Kim – another snow wizard



Another teenage pirouetting snowboarder has picked up a gold at the Winter Olympics. Chloe Kim, 23 April 2000, Long Beach, California, is the daughter of émigré South Korean parents and she first tried the sport aged four. She has dominated the sport in recent years, becoming the youngest person to win three X Games gold medals. At just 15 she became the first female snowboarder to land back-to-back 1080 degree spins in competition, a trick she repeated on her third run in Pyeongchang. Don’t know how they do it but fascinating.

She has her Sun in Taurus square Neptune, along with Jupiter, Saturn and Mars also in Taurus; with her Mars Saturn square Uranus – definitely physical and adventurous. Her Jupiter is inconjunct Pluto.

So some similarities to Red Gerard (below, born two months later) with a Jupiter Saturn conjunction in Taurus square Uranus, and she has one quincunx, where he has two.

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    • Morris, that’s snowboard terminology. If I understand it correctly, the degrees of all the twists and turns are added together. Three 360 degree twists or flips in one skyfly is a 1080.

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