Ivanka Trump – unshakeable self-confidence will come unstuck

As if the world didn’t have enough to worry about CNN floated the notion of Ivanka Trump for USA president in 2024 as a solid possibility.

Born 30 October 1981, she is a determined Scorpio with a pushily-confident Jupiter Pluto conjunction in Libra conjunct Mercury. Her Jupiter Pluto is catching the tr Pluto square this year and next which will stoke up her enthusiasm and belief in herself, though it could exacerbate her tendency to assume rules don’t apply to her, which can backfire into arguments with authorities. Tr Uranus will oppose her Sun this May and on and off into early 2021, which suggests a radical shift in her direction, perhaps forced by outer circumstances.

Tr Uranus will zig zag across that opposition before during and after the election and Inauguration of 2021; with tr Jupiter in Aquarius square her Sun in late January 2021, but rapidly followed by tr Saturn in square – so quite a muddle of influences, some good, others not.

2021/2022 don’t look easy years with a panicky, disaster-strewn tr Pluto trine her Mars/Saturn midpoint picking up in late January and a discouraging tr Pluto square her Sun/Saturn midpoint following from late February, both repeating on and off till late 2022. Late 2021 she has the car-crash Solar Arc Mars conjunct her Saturn which will see a significant setback and shock. In 2022 she has her Solar Arc Jupiter Pluto square her Mars which will bring huge frustrations and an equal amount of determination perhaps pushing her into risky decisions. By the time she gets to the 2024 election she’ll have picked up the failed-plans tr Pluto square her Mars/Neptune, exact at the election; plus a major confidence dent and paralysis from tr Neptune opposition her Mars/Saturn.

Heavy aspects to that Mars/Neptune midpoint are generally a no-hoper for wins and successes.

Her relationship with Jared is undergoing a massive upheaval between 2023 and 2026.

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  1. She can’t be president if she has felonies. And I think she will be charged with quite a few crimes in the next year or so.

      • There’s a great podcast Trump, Inc. on Trump Family business dealings. Ivanka personally seems to have had a strong role in some of the development processes started under Trump’s name after “The Apprentice” success. These projects habitually mislead investors by inflating sales numbers. I think some of these felonies may now be under statute of limitations, but DJT hasn’t divested properly, and his family has been making these deals in India during his presidency.

        Overall, this is a family of hustlers, and much more so than that of Berlusconi’s, to whom one could draw comparison. Never thought I’d say this, but Berlusconis also are bright in comparison, never was a fan of Piersilvio, but my IQ didn’t drop 10 points either listening to him, as it does with Don jr. That said, Silvio’s younger brother Paolo did go to prison for if only 4 months for falsifying invoices.

        • Thanks very much for that information. I’m off to find that podcast now.
          It’s sad but a lot of politicians do become extraordinarily rich either when in office, like Pelosi, or Obama now he’s left office. Otherwise his could they afford houses like they own on Government wages? That’s what makes folks so cynical about politics and it seems the Trump family are no different.

          • Trumps were and are another level. The only equevalent I can really think of is Berlusconi. He, obviously, was a genuinly successful businessman going into politics, but the did have numerous legal liabilities he no longer could be protected against by politicians in his pocket such as Bettino Craxi. I think this was the main reason for Trump to step in, as well. All those projects started during “The Apprentice” heyday were falling apart by 2011 or 2012. “The Apprentice” viewership was seriously down too. I suspect Trump Family was very short of cash by the time he decided to ran. To this day, they are so down with cash there recently was as a story on Trump “WAGs” asking for their “checks” from Trump campaign. And Kushners, who actually had solid money, ran in trouble with their 666 Fifth Avenue project.

  2. Thanks Marjorie – what a horrible possibility! Anyway, looks as if it will not happen. I noticed that Ivanka also has the December solar eclipse conjunct her Venus and Neptune. Maybe this signifies some scandal or financial revelations in 2021. Not that this seems to matter much these days…..

    • This is interesting, because I feel that Venus/Neptune is the focal point of Ivanka’s chart. Maybe her chart is ruled either by Venus or Neptune? She does come off as incredibly “constructed”, and it has nothing to do with her plastic surgery (think of Dolly Parton, who has quite possibly undergone dozens of operations, but always comes across as the “realest” person around), and that probably is due to this aspect. I guess this might mean that her carefully constructed image comes down?

      • Yes, something unravels. Perhaps quite slowly. She seems very much part of the shared fantasy of her family group somehow, and I agree it seems like a performance. Which does call Venus and Neptune to mind, at least in some of their manifestations. She never seems comfortable with herself.

        I love Dolly Parton. She is very talented, hard working, witty and down to earth. 19th January, 1946. Curiously, Chiron makes five squares and a conjunction in her chart. She had a tough start.

  3. CNN had floated the potential of Trump dynasties being established thru the Don, thence thru Ivanka. People will pick up on it; perhaps it’s one escape path for Donald given his dicey health. Like most Americans, the sizzle attracts attention and circling hawks.

    Thanks for the dose of sanity.

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