Israel’s Mars in Leo – in overdrive from the Eclipse



The upcoming late August Leo Solar Eclipse conjunct the Israel Mars is certainly making its influence felt as clashes break out at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, revered by both Jews and Muslims as a holy site. Nearly 3000 Palestinians have been in clashes with Israeli forces, with 193 wounded. Tensions have soared since two Israeli policemen were killed last Friday.

Haaretz, the liberal Tel Aviv newspaper said protests could turn into an intifada in the blink of an eye. An Eclipse conjunct Mars tends to produce a roar of anger and exacerbates any tendencies to fly off the handle or in an individual to do too much. It revs up the engine to overload. Trump has Mars hitting the Eclipse as well, as does Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu.

Not only is the Eclipse conjunct the Israel Mars, tr Uranus is trine the Israel Mars right through till early September which is explosive, angry, uncompromising, tending to lead to macho gestures to prop up self-esteem. Israel also has the Solar Arc Moon conjunct the 12th house Neptune, (exact to 4 minutes of a degree = one fifteenth of a degree), producing a highly uncertain mood. In general it’s a discouraging year for Israel with the Solar Arc Mercury conjunct its Saturn; and tr Saturn conjunct Jupiter opposition Uranus, running till November. Plus two more jolts from tr Uranus square the Israel MC in December this year and February 2018, which will send it off track.

If the start time of 11.40pm GMT is correct for the Palestine Declaration of Independence 14 Nov 1988, then their Capricorn Moon is not only picking up the square from tr Uranus exactly now till early September, but also the conjunction from Solar Arc Uranus, exact 3 months’ time and running into next year. So emotionally on edge and overly excitable; with tr Pluto square the Palestine Venus in 2017/18 intensifying the mood. They’ll be thoroughly discouraged from December into 2018 with tr Saturn conjunct Uranus, then Saturn, Neptune and square Mars.

Both the Palestine 88 and Gaza relationship charts with Israel are also highlighting the late Leo Eclipse point – Moon, Mercury, Mars conjunct for Gaza/Israel; and Venus Mercury Sun for Palestine/Israel. So very much a flash point.

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