Anthony Scaramucci – in out, roundabout at the White House



The helter-skelter carousel of Trump’s administration just turned into a freefall for the benighted White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, as he voluntarily jumped from the podium at the news that wealthy financier Anthony Scaramucci has been appointed as Communications Director. “A major mistake” in his view, shared by many who think Scaramucci lacks the political experience. His back-slapping braggadocio has not endeared him to many, especially Reince Priebus, who may well also go. But he’s been a ferocious defender of Trump on cable television and close to Don Jnr.

Born 6 January 1964 he’s certainly got a combative chart with a Sun conjunct Mars in Capricorn; and his Sun Mercury square Jupiter in pro-active Aries; and trine Uranus Pluto in Virgo, sextiling onto Neptune – so a go-getter, high-octane ambitious, fairly chaotic.

Capricorn is Trump’s 5th house so no surprise that the Trump kids support Scaramucci and he’s probably a good playmate for Trump senior, evidently sharing the same gaudy tastes as him. But what was OK as a fairly arms-length relationship may not be as comfortable in close confinement. AS’s Mars opposes DT’s Saturn, and AS’s Saturn opposes DT’s Mars – and that’s a fair amount of friction.

Their relationship chart has an unpleasant composite Venus Saturn opposition Mars – it will inevitably end in tears and rancor.

Scaramucci does look fairly boxed in and jangled this year with his Solar Arc Saturn square his Sun, and his Solar Arc Sun opposition his Uranus – with many more minuses than pluses ahead in 2018, which looks cornered, aggravated and swampy, with career losses.

Sean Spicer, a controlled Sun Pluto in Virgo was never a great match for Trump with a composite Sun Mercury Uranus square Mars in their relationship chart – volatile, not comfortable in the same space. He’ll buck up in 2018 and probably greatly relieved to be out of the madhouse.

4 thoughts on “Anthony Scaramucci – in out, roundabout at the White House

  1. I’m reminded of these events happening in 3rd world nations managed by dictators. Now, someone named Tony the Mooch is going to set things straight? I wonder if he has real estate set aside in Havana…

    During the early 1970’s, Groove Tube used to run skits about the president…one skit has the president shouting, “I’m in the driver’s seat!” One can google for this and other youtube skits.

  2. Does anyone else have Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” playing in their head when they see this guy’s name? Can he do the Fandango? Lol.

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