Israel, despite Trump’s push, not popular in USA



The first skirmish in what may or may not be an all-out Iran Israel war seems to be over. Iran fired at the Israeli border on Golan with little success and Israel retaliated with a massive attack on Iranian positions in Syria, setting back their plans to consolidate their military base there. Israel clearly had Russian support for their action, given Netanyahu’s warm welcome in Moscow this week. There’s a feeling that Iran does not wish to escalate (at the moment).

Next Monday the US Embassy opens in Jerusalem which can only inflame the already heated mood, peaking on Tuesday, Nakba Day (Day of Catastrophe) on which Palestinians mourn their ousting from their ancestral homelands. The ‘March of Return’ protests on the Gaza border have been building for the past seven weeks with so far around 34 Palestinian dead, over 4000 injured as Israeli troops fired on them. There have been solidarity demonstrations in Morocco.

Israel does look stressed with tr Uranus square the Solar Arc Sun from the 16th of this month onwards; and the aggressive/insecure tr Uranus trine the Israel Mars again late in the year into 2019. With considerable unrest both amongst the Israeli leadership and population through 2019 with tr Uranus opposing the 10th house Moon.

What interested me was the USA/Israel relationship chart which is under its most severe stress in 2019/2020 for nearly forty years. In 1981 Israeli bombed an Iraqi nuclear reactor which was heavily criticised globally and in the US with the New York Times calling it ‘an act of inexcusable and short-sighted aggression”, and the Los Angeles Times calling it “state-sponsored terrorism.” The following year Israel invaded Lebanon starting a three-year war (which triggered the founding of Hezbollah).

The same tr Pluto opposition the composite Mars is in place on the USA/Israel relationship chart. Even before then from now onwards tr Neptune opposes the composite Saturn and squares the composite Uranus (this June) and then squares the Sun, running into 2020. So whatever Trump’s intentions, the USA as a nation is becoming increasingly unhappy about events on that front.

The USA/Saudi Arabia relationship chart is blocked in June; jolted in July to September and running downhill thereafter into a chilly 2019.

The NK/USA chart is pushing on through heavy mud in 2018/19; with a turnaround in 2019 which could go either way. But looks easier than the two above.

The shifting alliances are dizzying.


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