Georgina Chapman – the husband she never knew



Georgina Chapman, separated wife of Harvey Weinstein, is attempting to clear her name with a Vogue interview and photo-shoot. She said she knew nothing of his proclivities and assaults and is heart-broken about what the effect will be on their two children.

Born 14 April 1976, she is a fashion designer, so no doubt hoping she can resurrect her business. She’s a Sun Aries perhaps opposition a Libra Moon square Saturn in Cancer. Low in self-esteem and driven to succeed with such a strong Saturn. Her Venus in Aries opposition Pluto square Mars in Cancer would attract her to a dramatic emotional life with a powerful/dominating partner, given the Mars Pluto square added onto Saturn.

Weinstein’s Jupiter is conjunct her Sun, so he or his influential position would boost her morale; though with his autocratic Saturn square Uranus sitting exactly on her Pluto square Mars, their home life would have some very rough edges.

Their relationship chart has a composite Mars Pluto opposition Venus which hints at a very intense emotional interaction; with Venus trine Neptune which usually starts ethereal and romantic and can end in disappointment as illusions and delusions are blown out of the water.

She looks on better form in 2019 with plenty of Jupiter around.

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  1. Hollywood METOO women shunned her fashion designs after news broke of Harvey Weinstein. Georgina was as much a victim as they were but blinded by their mob mentality were too stupid to realise she was a victim too. What a relief and how refreshing to see brave, kind and intelligent Scarlett Johannssen support her at the Met Gala by wearing Marchesa again. Thank God for Scarlett’s courage and good luck to Georgina.

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