Iran – pushing the west out of the Middle East

Iran is deemed to be behind the guerilla war in the Middle East aimed at Israel and its protectors – funding Hezbollah in the Lebanon, the Houthis in Yemen on the Red Sea and the Revolutionary Guard in Syria. The ultimate aim is to drive Americans out of the Middle East and break the Abraham Accords which was aimed at normalizing relations between Israel and several Middle Eastern countries.

  There are two Iran charts – of the first parliamentary democracy 7 October 1906 and the Revolutionary Iran 1 February 1979 9am Teheran. I have never been too struck by either chart – but their relationships with the USA work well enough in terms of tensions and events.

  The 1979 Revolutionary Iran does have a tr Uranus opposition = mid life crisis – at the moment into early 2025 which can lead to impulsive decisions. A confident push from tr Pluto opposition the Jupiter shows up in 2025/26, with increasing tensions and arguments until tr Pluto is conjunct the Mars by late decade for a dead-halt.

  The 1906 chart is showing little until a financial upset in 2025 – and disappointment from 2027 onwards.

  The USA relationship charts with both hint at rising tensions through 2023 with more uncertainty and concern in 2024 and a major upheaval in 2025.

  The Israel relationship charts with both indicate much the same with the ruptures with Iran widening from July 2024 and after, into 2025 and beyond.

  I was searching for an earlier Iran chart since it is an ancient country with a long history. The Safavid dynasty is often considered the beginning of modern Iranian history.  Some historians credit it for founding the modern nation-state of Iran. Wiki have a date of 22 December 1501 which may be there or thereabouts and to be treated with caution as a date. That chart has a late Sagittarius Sun which fits with Hamas’s Sagittarius heavy chart in the last decan; and also a ruthless Mars in Taurus opposition Pluto in Scorpio which keys into Hezbollah’s chart.

It has more of a feel of a warlike nation and that chart did resonate to both the 1980 earthquake and the Iran-Iraq War.  It will be rattled up from mid 2024 with tr Uranus conjunct the Mars.

  As will Hezbollah’s, 16 February 1985, who have to date being held in reserve, partly it is thought as a protection for Iran itself if the conflict widens. Hezbollah’s Aquarius Sun square Saturn in Scorpio both at 27 degrees catches the aftermath of the Mars Uranus Algol in July 2024 and into the following month will be propelled into action.

  Joe Biden has his Mars exactly on the Descendant relocated to Teheran so it is one of his “hot” possible warzones and tr Uranus will oppose his Scorpio Sun next August as well.

  It is all brewing up to be an exceptionally volatile summer in 2024.

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  1. “BRICS held its first summit on 16 June 2009 in Yekaterinburg, Russia which gives a Gemini Sun opposition Pluto square Uranus in Pisces – such a Uranus is status-quo-upsetting and a trailblazer but erratic and perhaps inclined to be contrarian. There is a high-finance and hopeful Jupiter Neptune conjunction; plus a passionately enthusiastic Venus Mars in materialistic Taurus trine Saturn on one side and Pluto widely on the other.” Marjorie, BRICS post, 23 April 2023

    Today, 1st January 2024, Iran formally joins BRICS – along with Egypt, Ethiopia, Saudi Arabia and the UAE.
    Interesting to see the BRICS (16 June 2009) Jupiter 27 Aquarius, Neptune 26 Aquarius, Chiron 26 Aquarius line-up square Hezbollah’s Scorpio Saturn. And then the BRICS Saturn, 15 Virgo, squares Hezbollah’s Uranus 17 Sagittarius, and Iran’s Neptune in Sagittarius. That Saturn is also conjunct Iran 1906’s Mars, 15 Virgo, and the NN for Iran 1979. Iran’s membership may have some interesting effects on the country, and on Hezbollah and their actions. Transiting Saturn in Pisces, and August’s Jupiter/Saturn square (plus fireworks full Moon) offer many challenges.

    Some of this summer’s volatile energies could ripple out from this particular web of connections I suspect. For the EU – The Treaty of Rome, 25 March 1957, for instance, has Pluto 28 Leo, with Saturn 14 Sagittarius. Other charts, both national and individual, are also triggered.

  2. “Hezbollah’s Aquarius Sun square Saturn in Scorpio both at 27 degrees catches the aftermath of the Mars Uranus Algol in July 2024 and into the following month will be propelled into action.”

    Thanks Marjorie. Volatile is very much the word I feel! I notice that the August full Moon is 27 Aquarius, square Uranus – further underlining the tensions around that degree in many charts here and elsewhere, and just passed the Uranus/Mars/Algol trio of summer ‘fun’. Mercury will be retrograde at 26 Leo too, perhaps advising a rethink or revision of some sort amidst what looks like restless, unstable emotions and energies. November’s Full Moon, 24 Taurus is conjunct Uranus – and close to Algol for further intensification of summer ’24’s themes.

    On the very same day as the Full Moon, 19th August, there’s an exact square between Jupiter in Gemini and Saturn in Pisces at 17 degrees. The Nodes for Iran 1979 are 17 Virgo/Pisces so the population will be affected, as will Iran’s alliances I suspect, with Jupiter and Saturn suggesting religious leaders and government legislation under strain. Mars is a communications warrior at 19 Gemini then, with Venus at 17 Virgo, forming a t-square with Jupiter and Saturn. Sitting in the empty outlet area of all this is Iran’s 1979 19 Sagittarius religious Neptune, and Hezbollah’s excitable Uranus, at 17 Sagittarius, a sign that can be quite fond of wild ideas and beliefs. Iran 1906 has Mars 15 Virgo as well.

    Perhaps worth noting is Mercury in Sagittarius, 15-16, on the day of the Taurus full Moon conjunct Uranus in November – another echo of the story perhaps? The transiting Nodes in Pisces/Virgo will also be prompting a look at the past and it’s messages and connections in these charts by autumn 2025.

  3. Iran is of course also financing and likely training Hamas. Hamas leaders also visited Moscow a few months before October 7. The Israel-Hamas war is on another level the second front of a wider conflict between the West and the Russia-Iran axis, which is already evident in the Ukraine with the lethal presence of Iranian drones. Iran’s threat to maritime commerce in the Red Sea and Indian Ocean and the already frequent response of the US Navy may well erupt in 2024.

  4. Does the date of the 1953 coup – 18 August 1953 help. It was the time of the maximum involvement of the US (and UK) in Iran’s affairs. The Pluto in this chart (like so many of this era) is under pressure from Uranus now and for a little while longer.

  5. Iran will not succeed in pushing the U.S. out of West Asia. Iran is having difficulty keeping their own population under control.

    By the way, how does the astrology look for the ongoing resistance in Iran? I know it’s not receiving much international news coverage right now…but this isn’t over. Young Iranians seem determined to break free from the theocracy they’ve had to live under for many years now.

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