Iran in crisis and the ripples could spread out



Trump isn’t the only one agitated about Iran. Israel is watching with concern as Assad’s army, including troops of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, now wearing Syrian army uniform, are advancing towards the border with the Golan Heights. The assumption is that Assad doesn’t want a confrontation with Israel but Iran and Hezbollah who are also fighting with the Syrian forces are a different matter.

President Hassan Rouhani’s 2nd Term chart, 3 August 2017 11 am Teheran, is on high alert with the Mars in Leo (conjunct Sun) colliding with this week’s Lunar Eclipse. That Mars Sun is also conjunct Trump’s 12th house Pluto so neither side will give way. Hassan is facing mounting criticism for the unravelling economy in Iran, hit by US sanctions and the expense of foreign wars in the Middle East; with a restive population angry about rising prices, mounting rare demonstrations of displeasure.

His Term chart looks fraught with rapidly changing and challenging events this November to February 2019; with dashed hopes mid September to early February 2019. And both the Iran 1 Feb 1979 and 7 October 1906 charts look similarly afflicted with undermining Neptunian woes till late 2019. The Iran 1979 chart will be particularly affected by this Lunar Eclipse since it clashes with the Mercury, Mars, Sun in Aquarius.

Israel having just about wound down the recent squall with Hamas in Gaza, is being faced with serious questions as the Lunar Eclipse is conjunct their 10th house Moon and next month’s Solar  Eclipse is conjunct their 10th house Saturn – a time for facing their past (Moon) and asking whether they have built their country on solid foundations; and facing major ethical responsibilities and a challenge to restructure (Saturn). Though with a chart so irretrievably fixed as theirs, changes are unlikely. December this year and January 2019 will be high-tension and insecure with tr Uranus trine their Mars.

Mohammed bin Salman, 31 August 1985, the Saudi Arabia Crown Prince who is jousting for supremacy in the Middle East against Iran, has a Fixed Grand Square of Venus in Leo opposition Jupiter in Aquarius square Pluto opposition a Taurus North Node which will catch the Lunar Eclipse as well for what may feel like an emotional crisis but will most likely pump energy into his pushily confident Jupiter Pluto.

The entire world seems to be churning at the moment.

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  1. Yes, the world is churning, by people who have no busines churning the waters. Yes there is hope in several years that much of this will have smoothed over. Take it on faith. Look at history – humans never learn from it but they repeat the patterns quite easily.

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