Blood-red Lunar Eclipse – a memorable event * update +



A spectacular Total Lunar Eclipse this Friday will be the longest-lasting of recent times and deep red. Known as a blood Moon, it gains its hue from the light of the sun behind behind bouncing off the earth and reflecting back onto the Moon’s surface.  In ye olden days there were regarded as an omen of terrible events. In the Hebrew Bible The Book of Joel warns that “the sun will turn into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and terrible day of the Lord comes.”

It will start around 22.50 hrs UK time, 21.50 hrs European time and continue into the early hours. The Moon falls at 4 degrees Aquarius conjunct Mars opposition Sun North Node at 4/5 degrees Leo squaring onto Uranus in Taurus.

Astrologically as well as astronomically it’ll be quite an event.  Mars will heighten anger and aggravation, especially in no-compromise Aquarius and in an explosive, disruptive square to Uranus, bringing an impulse to overthrow the existing order of things.  The Eclipse effect tends to last for several months after the date, though it’s more complicated this year with two Solar Eclipses to factor into the mix as well.

It will stir up Donald Trump’s 12th house Pluto, brewing up more of a storm than usual as his inner chaos is triggered. It will also elbow Theresa May’s Uranus in Leo with a considerable jolt – a change of direction will be forced on her; and to some extent the EU ditto though their Uranus is not as close, but they may experience a financial hit.  Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia will also be in the line of Eclipse fire. And the Middle East appears to be catching the strongest effects with Uranus, Pluto, Mars and the Full Moon all sitting on the axis through that region (see following post).

The Eclipsed Full Moon falls exactly across Prince Charles’ Leo Asc/Aquarius Desc (and Camilla’s if her 7.15 am birth time is accurate) which suggests a major image shake-up.  The Duchess of Cambridge has her Mercury Venus in Aquarius also picking it up for what will feel like an emotional crisis and challenge her beliefs/opinions. Meghan has her Mercury Sun in Leo also catching it for what will also be a major challenge – poor soul she’s sorely afflicted by her can’t-keep-their-mouths-shut family.

Greece which is suffering a destructive series of wildfires has Saturn almost exactly conjunct the MC for the Lunar Eclipse; and Laos which has suffered a deadly dam burst has Saturn exactly conjunct the descendant for the Eclipse.

6 thoughts on “Blood-red Lunar Eclipse – a memorable event * update +

  1. All these grassland and crop fires occurring around the world. The world heat map showing soaring temperatures, apparently the hottest for 400 years. My part of the uk has had 54 days without a drop if rain – it certainly feels a tad apocalyptic, what with the waxing moon in the night sky moving ever closer towards Mars, which is resplendent in it’s redness right now.

    • Sort of but is eight degrees away which is quite wide. But it does fall across her 7th house of one-to-one relationships.

  2. Haha Jay I’ve also buckled my seat belt, my asc/mars/ven t-square is majorly triggered. At least we have Jupiter for the ride.

    The Mars is unusual, yes it’s in Aquarius and square Uranus, but also retrograde and out of bounds (declination 25S). This Mars is not engaging in the usual way, it’s not even within the ecliptic. The retrograde in Aquarius points to some urgent review of actions, pushed on by an unusually cautious Uranus in Taurus.

  3. Lord, this one will rock my world. It’s Conjunct my sun, my descendant, opp ascendant. I’m open to learning my lessons blood moon!

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