Ioan Gruffudd – a real life domestic drama

A fluff distraction from the BuckHouse brouha, Brexit, Biden, MBS and the Bug. Welsh actor Ioan Gruffudd of Hornblower and more recently Australian TV Harrow fame is exiting his thirteen year marriage to actress Alice Evans in what appears to be a cavalier fashion, causing her to spit fireworks all over social media.

  Born 6 October 1973 he’s a Sun Libra trine Jupiter in Aquarius sextile Neptune so could have been dreamy, charming and a peacemaker. But his Sun is widely conjunct Pluto on one side and Uranus on the other, sitting on the disruptive, rebellious midpoint. He’s also got Pluto as the controlling focal point of a T Square to an unyielding Saturn opposition Node. Plus an obstinate to the nth degree Fixed T Square of heavyweight Mars in Taurus opposition Mercury in Scorpio squaring onto a can-be-grandiose Jupiter and maybe Moon in Aquarius.  Plus a couple of strained and tricky Yods – onto  Mars which will give him problems modulating his assertiveness; and the other onto Saturn which requires real maturity to handle it well.

  Regrettably the firecracker wife Alice Evans has a birth year discrepancy – on continental websites 1968 and UK 1971. But in both she’s a Sun Leo which squares onto his Mars so it would sizzle with attraction initially but that all too easily turns into a competitive interface and arguments. If she’s 1971 then her Uranus is conjunct his Sun; if 1968 then her volatile Mars in Cancer squares his Uranus – so a combustible chemistry whichever.

  Their Wedding chart of 14 September 2007 contained more than a hint of a turbulent, at times exciting, though rarely predictable liaison. The Virgo Sun that day opposed Uranus squared Mars which opposed Pluto and Jupiter. All in fickle, changeable Mutable signs – a never-ending drama.

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