Hong Kong – fighting to keep promises upheld

The sudden dismissal of a Hong Kong newspaper editor who ran a front-page story based on revelations from the Panama Papers, mentioning local celebrities, officials and businessmen, has raised concerns. The sacking comes two years after another of the paper’s editors was also dismissed (and subsequently stabbed), and replaced by a more pro-Beijing executive. Hong Kong officially retained its civil liberties and legal protections when control was handed from Britain to Beijing in 1997, but there was always concern that the Chinese government would impose tighter control.

The HK 1 July 1997 12am chart, does have tr Uranus moving through its 1st house and conjunct Saturn this year – which is classic for tensions erupting because of a drive for freedom and independence. With a similarly stressed Solar Arc Saturn square the HK Uranus, exact in five months’ time. Tr Uranus is also square the Solar Arc MC this year pointing to jolting changes of direction. It won’t get easier since tr Pluto will square Saturn in 2017 and 2018 which looks highly repressive.

The HK/China relationship chart is on a panicky downhill slide this year until early 2017 with tr Neptune opposition the composite Mars; with tr Saturn square Mars adding a few aggravated weeks along the way. With tr Uranus conjunct the composite Uranus threatening to upset the applecart this year as well.  By 2018 tr Pluto will square that Uranus for a total turnaround in relations which is unlikely to be in Hong Kong’s favour.

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