Harry and Meghan – time to say goodbye


Prince Harry and Meghan made a final and slightly awkward farewell to their official duties at a full Royal turnout event at Westminster Abbey. Meghan radiated a Hollywood smile throughout while Harry looked downcast and out-of-sorts.

In reality both are less confident about what lies ahead than their gung-ho Instagram posts would suggest. Both have their respective Progressed Moons going through their 8th – Harry for about another fifteen months and Meghan almost two years. This can be a draining time, tends to be emotionally charged, a time of endings or losses, with financial problems looming large.

Meghan has tr Saturn moving above her Descendant suggesting she’s getting into gear for an ambitious push ahead; though relationships of all varieties, work and personal will be stressed with both Saturn and Pluto moving through her 7th for the next two years. Harry has tr Saturn descending below his horizon so he’ll want to run away and hide in a comfortable bunker out of sight – though he’ll find unresolved psychological issues will surface to be addressed and financial shortages may be more obvious come 2021 onwards for two to three years. Meghan could also feel the pinch come late 2022 to 2024 as tr Saturn moves through her 8th, throwing her back on her own resources.

Harry is having an irritable and insecure patch through this month, turbulence and anxiety in July to September this year and on into 2021; with jolting changes as tr Uranus opposes his Saturn in 2021. has all manner of hitches, glitches, setbacks and downs over the years between now and 2025; with a domestically and emotionally confused Solar Arc Moon opposition his addictive 12th house Neptune in 2022, a blocked Solar Arc Sun conjunct Pluto in 2023 along with an emotionally upsetting Solar Arc Uranus square Venus; followed by another a disruptive Solar Arc Pluto conjunct his Uranus; and a downbeat Solar Arc Saturn square his Sun in 2025.

Meghan is less blighted by difficult Solar Arcs but the tr Saturn in Aquarius square tr Uranus in Taurus will hit on her Leo Sun in 2021/22 for a major shake up with perhaps economic difficulties. She looks short tempered as does Harry in 2021/22 with tr Pluto hitting on one of their Mars midpoints respectively.

Their relationship will clearly be under major strain given everything that’s going on ahead. But her Sun/Moon midpoint ( the marriage significator) at 8 degrees Virgo won’t be much affected by any influences immediately until tr Saturn in Pisces in opposition in 2024. Harry’s Sun/Moon midpoint at 22 Cancer has only a few more months to run with the stressful tr Pluto opposition. Which might point to it being less likely that they’ll separate instantly. Though the relationship chart will take a considerable pounding between now and 2025/6 with tr Pluto hitting on the composite Moon square Saturn Pluto and then tr Neptune opposing the Mars.

Just as a personal aside, what strikes me as strange is how boot-faced Kate is, almost as if she had been hurt or insulted and wasn’t about to forgive and forget.

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  1. ‘Meghan and Harry Overplayed Their Hand
    Megxit is the most complicated, self-involved, grandiose, shortsighted, letter of partial, fingers-crossed resignation in history.’

    “Harry and Meghan, it seems, have overplayed their hand severely. The Queen doesn’t need them, not at the price they were asking. Even in a Dianafied world, she still believes in certain ideals, foremost among them dignity and duty. And even now, when almost all is lost, she is still able to inspire it.”


  2. Since the Corona virus onset in the U.S., the Dow is down by about a third, from over 29,000 to 21,000. The lavish paydays the couple expected from U.S. companies will be much harder to defend to hurting stockholders as a result. Might be interesting to look at H and M’s financial prospects against the Dow’s chart.

  3. In view of Mary Jones’ comment, I would like to make an explicit request for you to look at Megan’s mother’s astrological chart. She is, after all, an important element, astrologically, in Megan, Harry and Archîe’s lives.

    Many thanks if you do.

  4. Hi Marjorie and thank you for your look at Harry and Meghan. It is interesting to consider how this all affects others in the royal circle. Given that Kate is Sun Capricorn with a Cancer Moon and Leo Ascendant I think she realizes how trapped she herself is now. Saturn has been reminding her of restrictions. With Meghan around at least the press wasn’t always on her back. But now the gaze will be relentless. Perhaps push will come to shove for her as well the more Wills becomes like his father.

    • Yes, and I notice Kate currently has Uranus hovering around her Midheaven and Saturn will be moving into Aquarius soon, conjuncting her Mercury/Venus in early 2021 as it moves to join her descendant, and Uranus will square that Mercury/Venus, thus forming a square of mutual reception. Not easy transits. I wonder if Capricorn Sun square Saturn natally is pretty accustomed to working with limitations? Sun/Saturns often come into their own with age and Kate is not yet 40. I think with Chiron in the 10th, she would also be ultra-sensitive to how she is seen in public.

      • Incidentally, Uranus cycles appear to play a significant role in the astrology of the BRF. I wonder if that’s something to do with the fact that Uranus was originally named ‘George’s Star’ after Herschel’s patron, King George III?

  5. There are several other sites where people can voice their own personal opinions of the British royal family. And lets face it …thats all these opinions are They are not based on astrology .
    Will people please remember that this is first and foremost an astrology website

  6. I thought that Kate looked very gaunt – as if she is worried to death about something; or is maybe expecting again.(She looks very slender of late – an old Yorkshire saying talks about “a thinning before a fattening”). Time will tell either way.

  7. Prince Harry was a very close Uncle to the Cambridge children. I wonder if that has faltered and how they manage to explain the relationship changes especially to Prince George. That would make for some bitterness I would think.

  8. Yes he also looked isolated in that corner seat which is quite symbolic I thought. Does anyone think that was done on purpose?

  9. Marjorie, I was wondering how Megan’s mum was coping. Along with being emotionally supportive, she is probably in anguish at the self induced turbulence of their lives. It’s very sad.

    Thanks for all your posts.

  10. Didn’t Harry and Meghan announce their leaving on Katherine birthday? I thought at the time either insensitive or revenge?

    • Is it likely that William is jealous of his brother’s quest to live life on his own terms; smitten/ intrigued with Meghan; bored but dutiful to Kate?

      • Hmm I kinda wondered about William being attracted. His relationship chart with Meghan has a composite Sun Venus square Pluto which does suggest a strong pull; plus other less helpful aspects. But that one is central.

        • The reason Meghan and William have come together in this life, at least, is because of Meghan’s romantic involvement with William’s brother, and this is what I think the composite Sun Venus conjunction in the third house accurately represents. Overall, their composite chart isn’t great at all – it is really jangly & stressful. Sun (Venus) square controlling Pluto, Mercury in the third house square Saturn. The Moon Mars conjunction in a t-square with Uranus and Chiron. From what I have gleaned via the media, they are very different personalities. William appears to be very motivated by the need for emotional security, and Kate Middleton’s parents have provided a surrogate family for him. The ‘family package’ that came with Kate was of huge importance to William. Tbh, I fail to see what attraction starry Meghan (who has cut all ties with her family, except her mother) would have to someone whose mindset is so utterly geared towards family, emotional security needs etc

          • I read your comment and it came off as William only being with Kate due to loyalty or stability/safety(that her or her family offers). This can be nice for some people but doesn’t scream love or passion which is something I felt that in all the pictures and videos I have ever seen of Will and Kate they seem to lack that( they also lack warmth to me as well), so I can see how Will could be intrigued by Meghan. Meghan is an intelligent, eloquent, sunny dispositioned, beautiful woman that is clearly passionate about the charitable causes that are important to her. Now I am not saying he would do anything inappropriate but it wouldn’t surprise me after William being with Kate for MANY years and three young children they have hit a rough patch or the seven-ish year itch has been rearing its ugly little head in their marriage.

  11. Thanks Marjorie. Harry did look sad, I thought. The lunar eclipse on 5th June will hit his Mars in Sagittarius, another lunar eclipse hits Uranus in Sagittarius, and the December solar eclipse squares his Virgo Sun, while conjuncting Neptune in Meghan’s chart. Tr Saturn in Aquarius will also conjunct her South Node in Aquarius this year, which might suggest she is restricted by things or people she has more or less taken for granted. So possibly things are not or will not be quite as they had imagined. And with Meghan’s Neptune square Harry’s Sun, the shared dreams seem like both a connection and a challenge.

    As for Kate, perhaps she fiercely disapproves of the move (Capricorn love of protocol) or something else is going on behind the scenes?

    • astrologicallt or not astrologicallt I hope P.W. does not find RMM attractive. that would be insane!
      I always thought KATE rising sign was pisces – she looks sift and fay. my friend has Leo ascendant and is very flamboyant not overly dramatic.

      • I think the “flamboyant” description of Leo gets pushed a lot in Astrology writing, but I suppose it can also be very dignified and regal.

        • Yes Tara, I agree. In the BRF, for instance, Princess Anne (15 August 1950) has Leo Sun, Virgo Moon, and Libra asc. I wouldn’t ever think of her as “flamboyant” – she works hard, and keeps a low profile. Princess Margaret (21 August 1930) had Cancer Moon and Aries rising. Her appearance, style, and love life were much more dramatic. She had Venus in Libra square Jupiter in Cancer. Interestingly, only the Sun is in Leo. It’s a tricky one with Leo, but I sometimes think it can (like other sun signs) flip over into expressing more of it’s opposite sign, Aquarius. I first noticed this with Librans, the tough, ambitious, self-focused kind who seem much more like the standard description of Aries.

          Meantime, the most flamboyant dressers I know both have Leo Moons, but neither is a Leo Sun, or has Leo in any other planet or angle.

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