Happy New Year

“And now we welcome the new year. Full of things that have never been.” Rainer Maria Rilke

“An optimist stays up until midnight to see the new year in. A pessimist stays up to make sure the old year leaves.”  William E. Vaughan

31 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. Happy New Year one and all, and a special greeting to Marjorie, such a wonderful site I visit most days, and long may it continue!

  2. Happy New Year to Marjorie and commenters. I feel Chinese New Year/Beltane makes more sense for a new year’s budding, shortly before my Aquarian birthday, but I don’t mind a social happy time now.

    • Have you taken into account Imboic or Candlemas, the festival at the beginning of February which celebrates the earliest signs of the quickening of the earth bringing new life.

  3. Happy New Year Marjorie and everyone. “When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.” Jimi Hendrix.

  4. Happy New Year, and love the Vaughan quote! guess that makes me an optimist, despite all the evidence to adopt the contrary attitude… I’d like to think that, regardless of whether one believes in fate or free will in the context of astrology, humans can always chose their better nature and help improve the world every day.

  5. Happy New Year, Marjorie, and I look forward to your continuing Astro wit and wisdom in 2024. Thank you for all your hard work and insight.

  6. Happy 2024 everyone here particularly Marjorie for all your work and wisdom.
    Here is NZ we are first to a new year and so by now it is 8.23pm on New Years Day. The sun finally started shining after an overcast week which may be promising – or maybe not.
    I have a birthday on 29th December so have already started my personal new year. Pondering the issue of optimism vs pessimism – I think I anticipate not at all as in a book I have yet to read. My Capricorn sun has no positive aspects but since all the outer planets have spent time with it in the past many years I’m surprised to be waking up kind of contented each day.
    My Sun (8) squares Neptune (6) opposes Saturn (7) focus of Yod Pluto (9) and Uranus (10) then also opposes the Moon (12).
    – numbers in brackets is because I don’t know how to make a degree sign.
    I’m incredibly lucky to be in this part of the world. I wish I could devise a spell to wipe all unbelievable evil bullies from the earth. Goal for the year 🙂

  7. Thank you for all your hard work on this site Marjorie. I love it lots & check in everyday.
    Happy New Year to you, and all the regulars on here too.

  8. 2023 has been a very challenging year for me…so, I will not be sad to see it go. However, I remain optimistic that 2024 will be a much better year – not just for me, but for all of us.

    I wish nothing but peace, prosperity, and progress for the world (especially for the people of Ukraine, Palestine, Israel, Kurdistan, Sudan, Myanmar, and elsewhere).

    Happy New Year to you Marjorie and all patrons of this website.

    • @Chris Romero, what can I say, 2023 had a turn that’s truly bringing out Scorpio (NN/Venus/Uranus and generally speaking wild Pluto) in me! All I can wish for is that ultimately, this will somehow transform to a Hillary Clinton/ Sanna Marin moment – that Hillary has been right about just about everything, is known, and now we’re seeing this happening with Sanna here.

    • @Chris.
      Consider your self lucky because the only thing I have to look forward to over the next few years is Saturn transiting my moon in mid-Pisces and squaring my Neptune in mid-Sag.
      Neptune is squaring my Mars and Venus in late Gemini.
      Retrograde Uranus is still aspecting my Taurus sun which is at end of the second decant.

      But at least l will have Jupiter aspecting my sun and Gemini stellium over the next 18 months.

      • @ Roderick,

        Pluto had been hitting all of my personal planets since 2014. I’m just coming out of that. And since my Moon is in Leo and in the 9th House, I gravitate towards foreign peoples, countries, and societies and I have a deep emotional connection to situations that happen abroad. I also have my Mars in Taurus in the 6th House…so, I’ve always assumed that is what makes me so passionate about Art History and the Art World in general.

        In other words, aside from personal challenges in my life over the past decade, I was also overwhelmed with stress, anger, and grief when ISIS rose to power, the Yazidi Genocide, the National Museum of Brazil fire, Notre-Dame de Paris fire, Dresden Green Vault burglary, and then the war in Ukraine all happened.

        For the most part, my natal chart is pretty well aspected – aside from my Moon squaring Saturn and my Ascendant as well as my Mars squaring Jupiter and Saturn squaring my Midheaven (all of which can pose challenges at times), I do have quite a few trines other positive aspects…so, I choose to remain optimistic about the future.

        My optimism (even in highly stressful and uncertain situation) is likely the result of me having my Moon in the 9th House, Jupiter in the 3rd House, a Sun-Jupiter Sextile, AND a Mercury-Venus Conjunction.

        Anyway, I decided not to look at my chart for 2024. I don’t want to risk coming across something I might misinterpret as being negative or challenging. – I’ll get a professional reading done instead…since they can look at progressions, transits, solar arcs more objectively.

        • I hope you take a break from the stressful news and politics cycle Chris and focus more on arts and nature, our nervous systems were not designed for global 24 hour a day distressing news. Mars in Taurus gets particularly stressed when they can’t do something concrete and practical. Look after yourself

      • Roderick I had Saturn transit my moon this time last year. Really not that bad, maturity helped this time around. To cut it short, an authority tried to impose a sudden rule change on me that caused me considerable stress and inconvenience. I pushed back, taking a bit of a risk and it was the right thing to do. Of course, I was 15 years old the last time I experienced this transit and it would have been called rebellion then. But this time it was right despite my dull middle aged self. Lessons learned

  9. A very happy New Year to you, Marjorie, and thanks enormously for all your hard work and sane comments on an increasingly mad world.
    In our family, we celebrate New Year either on Norwegian time, since it’s one hour ahead or if we’re particularly past it, Finnish time, since we can then go to bed disgustingly early – at 10pm – though this is pushing it a bit far!

    • Happy New Year! Although, with a Virgo Moon on Western Hemisphere, I think we would all be grounded, if we didn’t know that in practical astrology, the ingresses are what really count.

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