Guantanamo Bay – Barack Obama edging towards closure

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Barack Obama’s attempt to fulfil his promise to close Guantanamo Bay has moved a small step forward with 15 detainees going to the United Arab Emirates. It leaves 61 there but with the Republican Senate and Congress against closure and transfer of prisoners to US prisons, he may not manage it. Since 2002, 779 have been held there with the majority being released in GWB’s time, of whom a definite 21% went back to terrorism, with another 14% probables. Of releases under Obama, 5% were confirmed to have returned to militant activity and 8% suspected of having done so. Obama says it is  contrary to US values, undermining the nation’s standing in the world and it fuels the recruitment of jihadists; as well as being expensive – $445m annually.

Guantanamo Bay was established by executive order on 12 December 2001 under the war-conditions Saturn in Gemini opposition Pluto, with Pluto conjunct Sun and Venus – so repressive, controlling, bleak. Saturn opposition Venus square Mars in Pisces – gave it a military flavour, along with a cruel streak.

The Guantanamo Sun Pluto squares onto Obama’s 8th house Mars so will stir up deep feelings of anger; with the Guan Saturn square his Pluto; and the Guan Mars opposition his Pluto – so a matter of huge frustration, an obstacle that maybe can’t be overcome.

He’ll keep pushing mightily with tr Pluto squaring the composite Pluto on the relationship between him and Guan through this December.

The Guantanamo Bay chart, has tr Neptune square to Saturn chipping away at the Venus Pluto Saturn from now till November; with tr Saturn conjunct the Sagittarius Sun in December – so who knows? He might just make it; or close enough to ease his conscience.

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