Anjem Choudary – preaching violence


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Radical UK cleric Anjem Choudary has finally been convicted and may face a 10 year jail sentence for inviting others to support ISIS, under the Terrorism Act. Counter-terrorism chiefs have spent two decades trying to bring Choudary, to trial, blaming him, and the organisations he helped to run, for radicalising young men and women. The killers of soldier Lee Rigby were amongst his supporters. He is a Salafi Wahabi Islamist, who preached that the Muslim faith should “dominate the whole world”.

Born 18 January 1967 in London, from a family of Pakistani origin, he partied and drugged his way through a year of Med school, before switching to law.

He does have an extraordinary chart with a three-quarter Grand Sextile, a Mystic Rectangle and a Cardinal Grand Cross – so undoubtedly has abilities, though clearly channeled in the wrong directions. His Sun Mercury in Capricorn opposes Jupiter squaring onto Mars and probably opposing an Aries Moon. He has two oppositions Sun Jupiter as well as Saturn in Pisces opposition Uranus Pluto which are trine/sextile each other; with a sextile/trine to Neptune making up the other leg of the almost Grand Sextile. His Venus in Aquarius is trine Mars and may be sextile his Moon – for a hugely complicated chart. Overflowing with restless initiative, a chancer with an emphasised Mars Jupiter; controlling, rebellious and determined.

His Neptune aspects almost every other planet, exacerbating his visionary tendencies, which are fuelled by his aggressive and power-hungry drives to destructive ends. His Neptune is also conjunct the ISIS focal point Jupiter; and his Venus in Aquarius is conjunct the ISIS Neptune. The ISIS Sun Mars in Libra is conjunct his Mars and in hard aspect to the rest of his Grand Cross, triggering his urge to aggressive action. A cross-over of perverted spirituality and blood lust.

Worryingly, his chart looks remarkably cheerful, lucky and go ahead over the next three or more years with tr Uranus squaring his Jupiter in 2018 along with a super-confident Solar Arc Jupiter conjunct Pluto. Either what’s going on out in the world pleases him or he’s busy brewing up more trouble inside.

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