Greta Garbo – a sad bird in a gilded cage



Greta Garbo was a silver-screen goddess of the 1920s and 30s, who became a byword for seclusion after she retired from films and shut herself off from the world. Even at the height of her fame she shunned publicity, rarely gave interviews and avoided social functions. Letters are now on show which reveal her depression and loneliness.

Born 18 September 1905 7.30pm Stockholm, Sweden, she grew up in a poor family where she talked of the constant anxiety, fear and ugliness of her environment. She never married and lived alone virtually all of her life.

She had a Virgo Sun, which can be self-sufficient though falling in her 5th house it should have given her more confidence and a love of parties. She clearly focussed all that 5th house energy into performing. What stifled her Sun was a square to Pluto opposition Mars, which would bring her acute frustration and accentuate her fears. Her Sun was also inconjunct her Saturn in the 11th, which would make it difficult for her to function out in groups in the wider society. Saturn also opposed her Venus and squared her 12th house Taurus Moon, making her feel un-loveable.

Her chart is a conundrum since a 5th house Sun and Jupiter on her Ascendant should have made her outgoing. Yet a double dose of Saturn and that ferocious Mars Pluto completely damped down her spirit. She died eventually at 84, having amassed a large art collection.


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