Christine Keeler – the tragic epicentre of a political scandal



Christine Keeler, the escort girl who was dragged unwillingly into a scandal that effectively brought down a prime minister and Tory Government in the 1960s, and whose name became synonymous with sleaze, has died. She was at the centre of a high-society expose that riveted the media and sent shock waves round the establishment, after it emerged that she’d had simultaneous liaisons with John Profumo, UK Minister of Defence, and a Russian naval attache.

Her beauty belied a sad life that started badly and ended up worse. Born 22 February 1942 11.15 am in London, she was abused by her stepfather, became a good-time girl, being handed round members of high society and the Cliveden set. She never lived down the notoriety and became latterly a recluse, estranged from her family. Unlike Mandy Rice Davies, the other showgirl involved, whose flip response in court to Lord Astor’s denial of their affair – ‘Well he would say that wouldn’t he?’ – went into public usage. She went on to have a relatively successful and respectable life.

Keeler had a 10th house Pisces Sun inconjunct a 4th house Pluto. Her Pluto was also the driving planet of a Kite from a Grand Trine of Venus MC Mercury in Aquarius trine a Gemini Ascendant (Jupiter) trine Neptune. Plus a punishing collection of Saturn Mars Moon Uranus in Taurus in her 12th. Disentangling all of that – her Venus gave her undoubted charm, and opposition such an emphasised and afflicted Pluto would put her sexually at the mercy of older men (father figures). There’s cruelty aplenty from those 12th house planets picking up an over-romanticized and ultimately disappointed Neptune in the 5th. When the scandal broke tr Saturn was moving through her 10th house thrusting her into the public eye and ultimately breaking any chance she had of a life thereafter.

Many Rice Davies, 21 October 1944, was made of tougher stuff. A late Sun Libra conjunct Mars in Scorpio with her Mars trine Saturn and square Pluto – she was certainly used to hardship, but she traded on her celebrity and became successful running nightclubs.


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  1. In Christine’s book The Truth At Last (page 12) she states that she was born on 2 February, which would make her star sign Aquarius. I have always believed this to be correct and that this was the published date for many years, but without wishing to become a conspiracy theorist, somewhere along the line it may have possibly have been changed. Three of the main people in her life, Stephen Ward, Mandy Rice-Davies and Johnny Edgecombe were all born under Libra and as such would be far more compatible with her than with someone born under Pisces. Given however that Christine’s time of birth appears to also be known, it is possible she gave a false date in the book, and that her actual birth certificate has been seen, although there is no citation for her Wiki entry. I would be interested to hear others thoughts on this.

  2. That’s proof of free will, IMO. Despite what your chart indicates, you have choices. Also, I would think genetics are a factor. Here’s a scenario I’ve often wondered about: Let’s say two people are born at the exact same time in the same hospital, same birthdate, etc. Does that mean they’ll have identical lives? Apparently not.

  3. Is it ever possible to turn a bad chart into a relatively decent reality? Obviously, other people born on the same day as Christine Keeler or Charles Manson and the like, are not going to turn into prostitutes or serial killers but I do wonder if life with such harsh aspects will always be difficult?

    • Sure, look back at post on Carla del Ponte November 26 2017, the prosecutor who brought down various mafia groups and Ratko Mladic. Her chart isn’t so different from Mladic’s. And look at Rami Malek – has a twin brother with exactly the same chart who is a teacher.

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