Grace Jones – persistent lateness to boost an entrance

The larger and louder than life Grace Jones, Jamaican supermodel, singer and actress has produced her memoirs, in which she devotes a chapter to her resolute lateness for all appointments and even concerts.

Born 19 May 1948 she’s a Sun Taurus square Mars in Virgo – so feisty, stubborn, determined. She’s got an adventurous Jupiter in Sagittarius opposition Uranus; Saturn Pluto in Leo square a Taurus North Node; and a surprisingly sensitive Moon Neptune in Libra square Venus in Cancer. Under that brash exterior is emotional vulnerability. She was brought up initially by religious grandparents and then moved as a teenager to join her parents in New York.

She evidently revels in keeping people waiting – power issues maybe from Saturn Pluto – and then getting more attention from a late entry.

Her Venus which should make her more sensitive to the needs of others has harsh midpoint aspects – conjunct a controlling Sun/Pluto and chilly Sun/Saturn as well as = a ruthless Mars/Pluto = not always kind Mars/Saturn; and a quarrelsome Mars/North Node.

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