Marlene Jobert & Eva Green – talented family

Marlene Jobert, is a French actress and author of children’s books and others on classical music. She was an Algeria-born pied-noir – 4 Nov 1940 6.15pm Algiers -came to France as a child, married a Swedish dentist and has twin daughters, one of them an actress – Eva Green.

She has a very earthy and Fixed chart with a hard-working 6th house Scorpio Sun opposition Jupiter Saturn in Taurus square a 4th house Pluto – so controlling, tough. She also has an Earth Grand Trine of Uranus in Taurus trine a 9th house Capricorn Moon trine a 5th house Neptune; with Uranus opposition Mercury in Scorpio. So practical, talented, a good communicator, creative, lives away from her country of birth (Moon in 9th).

She has Venus in Libra beside Neptune in her performing and child-loving 5th; with Mars in Libra in the 6th square her Moon. She’ll be volatile with that Moon Mars, argumentative at home; plus the emphasised 4th house Pluto making her not the easiest of people to live with.

Her actress daughter Eva Green made her debut with Bertolucci in The Dreamers in her early 20s and has worked constantly since including in Casino Royale. She was born 6 July 1980 (according to her website and Facebook) at 10.05 am in Paris.

She has a friendly 11th house Sun and Mercury in Cancer trine a 4th house Uranus sextiling onto Saturn in Virgo – so a changeable home life, with the emphasis on work. Her 9th house Aries Moon opposes Pluto and squares onto Mercury – so like her mother funnels a good deal of her energy into communication. Her Sun is also square Pluto – so she’d feel fairly controlled by both parents.

She has a charming 10th house Venus in Gemini opposition a 4th house Neptune square Saturn (Mars in 2nd) in Virgo – quite complicated dynamics around family, career and money.

She’ll live abroad (away from France) in her adult life and has a long career ahead of her. Her Sun is conjunct Sirius which promises fame and wealth, though not always happiness. And her Ascendant is conjunct Regulus which also indicates wealth and prominence.

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