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Novelist Gillian Flynn of Gone Girl fame is about to see her first novel Dark Objects about a serial killer, airing as an eight-part mini-series. All her books focus on female perpetrated violence  and this one highlights dysfunctional families, self-harm and rage. She says: “I have always been fascinated with violence and with why things go wrong, particularly for people they shouldn’t necessarily go wrong for.”  She admits Sharp Objects is semi-autobiographical, with an alcoholic, self-harming journalist as the lead character. She says: ‘I’ve always had a finely-honed sense of self-destruction.’ And is fascinated by how women process rage.

She was born 24 February 1971 in Kansas City, with two professors as parents; her father taught film and took her to horror movies as a child. After a journalism career she started writing novels and has now extended into screenplays.

She has a Pisces Sun square a dreamy Jupiter Neptune in Sagittarius; with planets in all three Earth signs forming a wide Grand Trine of Pluto trine Saturn trine Venus in Capricorn. Part bleak part head-in-the-clouds. What drives her inclination to walk on the dark side subject-wise, especially delving into deep-seated rage and hatred will be her Mars in Sagittarius square Pluto; along with Mercury (Moon) in likes-to-shock Aquarius.

Plus she has exceptionally heavy midpoint aspects. Her Sun, Neptune and Jupiter are all in hard aspect to her Mars/Saturn; her Venus opposes her Saturn/Pluto; her Mars is square her Venus/Saturn; and her Saturn opposes her Mars/Uranus. Deep down she’ll resonate to some very black and corrosive emotions.

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  1. Ms. Flynn was born the day before a partial solar eclipse: readily noticeable with Sun twelve degrees from nodal axis, and Moon close by. Mercury, symbol of writing, is within Sun’s beams, thus affected by eclipse. Moon – Mercury combination is common among writers. Self-harm is common theme when Pisces is emphasized.
    (A catalog of all solar eclipses for the twentieth century is at: )

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