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George Soros has become the favourite bogeyman among white nationalists and neo-Nazis with claims that describe him as a dangerous “puppetmaster” behind a variety of alleged global plots, including the migrant caravan. Even Trump, when asked, added his tuppence-worth of vague support to the latter notion. He’s become anchored at the centre of anti-Semitic and conspiracy theories in the USA and Europe that used to exist in dark corners but have now gone mainstream. A campaign advertisement for Trump in 2016 targeted Soros along with former US FedRes chair Janet Yellen and Goldman Sachs’ Lloyd Blankfein, who are also Jewish, and suggested that the billionaire was among those who controlled “the levers of power in Washington”. Orban, Hungary’s prime minister further accused him of trying to flood the country with Middle Eastern migrants.

Born 12 August 1930 in Budapest, he and his family survived the war and Nazi occupation by pretending to be Christian and he fled in 1947 to the UK, did odd jobs, started in merchant banking as a clerk and worked his way up. He is a well-known supporter of progressive and liberal political causes, influenced the collapse of communism in Eastern Europe in the late 1980s and early 1990s; and emerged as a major player in the US political scene in 2004 promoting Democratic candidates.

He is a Sun Leo trine Uranus, sextile Mars in Gemini – innovative, a communicator, keen on freedom of speech. Born into the time of the Great Depression he has Jupiter Pluto in Cancer square Uranus with Saturn in Capricorn and Venus in Libra – too wide to be a Cardinal Grand Cross, but certainly spilling over with initiative. The Jupiter opposition Saturn square Venus would give him the drive to involve himself in interpersonal affairs with a drive for fair play.

I wondered what – apart from his extraordinary wealth which always attracts vitriolic envy – what had put him up as the key hate figure of the age. His Sun does aspect his Mars/Pluto midpoint, his Pluto is conjunct his Sun/Mars and his Mars aspects his Sun/Pluto – Mars Pluto has a tendency to attract venom whether justified or not.

His strongest harmonics also link Mars Pluto or Mars Saturn. His creative-businessman 5th harmonic has a Yod of Sun sextile Mars inconjunct Pluto. And his victim/helper, scapegoat 12th harmonic is especially notable linking Mars Pluto to Jupiter; and an innovative Saturn Uranus to Jupiter as well. His success would be boosted by that do-or-die determination of Mars Pluto but it also draws in the kick back. His 9th Harmonic, often common amongst the money-minded, links Mars Pluto  to Jupiter; with an autocratic Saturn Uranus; and a visionary Neptune.  The 9th is supposed to be humanitarian as well if handled correctly.

His relationship chart with Trump is horrendous with a composite Sun conjunct Mars square Saturn; and Mars conjunct Pluto – anger, aggravation, bitter dislike and power-struggling. It’ll be under even heavier pressure from early 2019 onwards.

Soros’s Mars is conjunct Trump’s 10th house Sun Uranus and Soros’s Sun sits exactly midway between Trump’s 12th house Pluto and Mars.

He is in his late 80s now so predictions are moot, though he does look cheered just after the midterms for one reason or another.

ADD ON: Known famously or infamously as the man who broke the Bank of England, his currency speculation and short selling of the pound in 1992 cost the UK Treasury £3.4 billion and caused the UK to withdraw from the ERM. His profit was estimated at £1 billion. In the aftermath, the UK’s forced exit was seen by some as a merciful relief from the straitjacket of the ERM, which had been blamed for prolonging the recession.

Soros’s Pluto is exactly conjunct the UK’s 10th house Moon; with his Uranus conjunct the UK 7th house North Node and opposition the UK’s relationship Sun/Moon midpoint – the first is highly controlling; the second arguably exacerbated the UK’s independence tendencies.

In 1992 when Black Wednesday happened, tr Pluto was exactly conjunct the UK’s Solar Arc Mars and nearly conjunct the 2nd house financial Neptune. Tr Saturn was also retrograding back towards the exact square to the UK 8th house Mars for what was a cataclysmic financial upset.

Soros’s relationship chart with the UK has an exact composite cold, business-like Sun Saturn conjunction. And a Yod of Neptune sextile Venus inconjunct Pluto which fairly describes a coercive, manipulative relationship. Tr Saturn was exactly square the composite Pluto in the days after the crunch.

What’s significant about the above is that tr Uranus was square the UK’s 7th house North Node in Aries and opposition the UK’s North Node over Brexit. Soros lit the touch paper for his own mercenary reasons and the UK avoided joining the euro, which made a Brexit a more feasible proposition.

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  1. Is his sneaky way of financing schemes and hiding them in third party organizations coming home to roost at this particular time, now, because transiting Pluto is at 19 degrees Capricorn, opposite his natal Pluto?

  2. Yes, I associate his name so much with Black Wednesday, I’m surprised whenever I read something about him that doesn’t mention it. I think one wealthy, unelected individual having that much power and influence in this day and age is a reasonable concern for the public that has had no platform for regulation or even debate. At least after Murdoch threatened John Major to change his EU policies or else, we had Leveson to air it out. It’s very easy to take a small grain of truth and spin massive conspiracy theories out of it, especially when that grain of truth remains unaddressed and unresolved. In other words, if Pluto in Capricorn doesn’t address it, Neptune in Pisces will.

  3. Groups I used to donate to–AFSC and Move On — were taken over by Soros, after Open Society Foundation donations of ~$5 million. He usurped their purposes to fit his agenda. This is sneaky. In the US, it is not just right wingers who are upset with him. So are many Democrats who have left the party because of him. We are upset with him for funding drug legalization causes and trying to stop drug prevention efforts through his Drug Policy Alliance. In 1998, he said it would just be an experiment, and maybe it won’t work. It is not working because young Americans (ages 21-34) are dying at a rate that is 5x what it was in 1999. If he had the humility to admit a mistake, he would have stopped funding drug legalization. There is a huge ego involved in his donations and how he takes over organizations. I would expect this secretiveness to be part of his chart, too. We have stopped most anti-drug education in PSAs and in schools. Our children think drug use is harmless. Now the life expectancy in USA has gone down because of the drug deaths. Sure there are other factors such as fetanyl and drugs getting in from China, but a massive campaign claiming the “war on drugs” has failed was successfully promoted by Soros’ groups. To say that angst about him is mainly anti-Semitic seems erroneous, since he doesn’t identify as Jewish and so many people think he’s Greek. (I am deeply upset that Trump’s way of sending messages about anyone can bring out sentiment that is xenophobic and very ugly.)

  4. For British people his role in Black Wednesday would explain quite a lot of the antipathy towards Soros. That event cost British taxpayers billions and caused a fair bit of misery for a lot of ordinary people. There is a certain irony that if he had not helped bounce the UK out of the ERM then Britain would almost certainly have joined the Euro and would probably not have been looking at Brexit now.

  5. I would compare his chart to that of Putin’s, because Russia is where all these alt-right anti-Soros conspiracies started, a decade before they made their way to The West, mostly due to Open Society Foundation financing politicians advocating EU and NATO membership in Former Soviet Republics. Putin was especially livid over Soros’ success in Baltic States (especially Estonia, which has had stellar development) and wanted to hinder Ukraine following the lead.

    But, for those of us who knew people involved in No Global Movement in the turn of Millenium, it’s really ironic to see how the same anticapitalist demostrators who would have indicated Soros as their main antagonist are now supposedly financed by him. In fact, this is a running joke among Antifa crowd, but it seems demostrators as whole. People are waiting for their Soros checks.

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