After the Mid Terms – a war of words ahead



As expected astrologically it wasn’t quite the blue landslide that had been poll-predicted a month ago in the US Mid Terms but the Democrats took the House comfortably. This will deadlock some of Trump’s policies ahead and open up the possibility of more legal forays into any possible Russia campaign connection and his financial  affairs.

Nancy Pelosi is likely to be Speaker and intriguingly her Mars in Taurus (conjunct Algol) are conjunct Trump’s Midheaven so that will turn very competitive and argumentative. Her Neptune squares his Sun so he’ll find it difficult to pin her down. Born 26 March 1940 in Baltimore, she’s a tough Sun Aries trine Pluto, with her Pluto in an unyielding square to Saturn in Taurus.

Where Trump’s chart shows real signs of trouble is from mid February 2019 onwards with tr Pluto opposition his Mars/Uranus midpoint, which could be health related since Mars Uranus can indicate an operation, but it can also be a major test of nerves. He’ll respond with his usual bragadaccio, but that will run out by the final day of March. After that he faces two months of savage quarrels, high frustration and discouragement as tr Pluto opposes his Saturn and his Mars/Node midpoint. With retrogrades these influences run until early July, repeating later across the New Year, till late 2020. By which times he’s picked up another dose of aggravating and trapped Pluto transits to his Sun/Mars midpoint till late 2021.

Congress – and presumably the Senate – will kick off on January 3 2019 (time still to be decided) when the sombre Sun Saturn conjunction in Capricorn is in place, three days before the Solar Eclipse – so a significant time.  With Pluto opposition the North Node square Uranus which looks disruptive for both, with changes being spearheaded and perhaps some chaos ensuing. There’s also an over-hopeful Jupiter Moon square Neptune which may be a financial bubble bursting. The Mercury is trine Uranus and square Mars which again looks like a war of words.

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  1. The next Congress should prove to be an eventful one. Its Sun/Saturn conjunction in Capricorn is directly opposing the US Sun, so it will likely be dealing with deep structural issues. It’s going to be reality time for the US in the coming years. The heavy Capricorn/10th house emphasis (Moon’s NN, Saturn, Pluto and Sun, and MC) suggests that a key issue they might be dealing with is how the US projects its power globally, especially economically. Moon/Jupiter in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces could point to some muddled ideological crusading.

  2. The democrats need an emerging candidate to take on Trumpfor 2020 – is there anyone out there. I understand the most likely to be successful would be Michelle Obama or Oprah Winfrey – my understanding is neither want the fight. Any ideas who is likely to put themselves forward ? Thanks

    • We need to get away from cult of the personality which Trump represents, and back to substance. Michael Bloomberg has experience as mayor of NY and isn’t a cult figure. There’s a number of points he has in common with Republicans, although some people disliked his health oriented movement to tax sugary drinks. He has considered running as a Democrat.

  3. Marjorie,

    The elections are far from over. There are still thousands of ballots in California to be counted (which they say may take until December because of California’s enourmous population), the U.S. Senate race in Arizona between Democratic candidate Sinema and Republican McSally is still being counted and is too close to call (may not have final results until tomorrow), Georgia is too close to call – Stacey Abrams is not conceding and is waiting for the final votes to be counted to see if there will be a runoff (and Kemp’s lead is shrinking and he might drop below 50%), Mississippi will also be runoff, and last but not least….the U.S. Senate race here in Florida is still too close too call – our Democratic US Senator incumbent Bill Nelson is not conceding – Republican Rick Scott is only leading Nelson by 30,000 votes and Scott’s lead continues to shrink. Here in Florida, there is an automatic recount if the margin separating the two candidates is 0.5%…. well, Rick Scott is only leading by 0.2%….so, there will be a recount here in Florida. I really wish Andrew Gillum hadn’t conceded.

    Other astrologers believe Venus in Retrograde may have had something to do with all of these close and confusing races.

    Would that be your observation too Marjorie?

    Chris Romero
    Jacksonville FL

    • Yes, besides widespread and obvious electoral fraud (I’m not beating around bushes, we are looking at a kind of action that normally happens in semi-free countries, not democracies) in Georgia and Florida, it seems like many races have been turned by absentee/mail votes. House races in New Jersey, New Mexico and Georgia went to Democrats in the past 16 hours. Latest, GA-06 was called for Mother’s Demand activist Lucy McBath.

  4. To amp up the tensions of Pelosi’s Mars/Pallas conjunct Trump’s Midheaven, her natal Pallas is conjunct, with a 3 degree arc, her Ascendent. Also her Aries Sun is conjunct Eris and her Midheaven. Further the New Moon of this day is conjunct her Natal Moon.

  5. I would not have needed any astrology to predict last nights mid-term results as the shift in seats in the House of Representatives came in very close to the historical average. The Democrats can probably forget about impeaching Trump as it will never get through the Senate now.

    I suppose the key point for both parties is how they gear up for the 2020 elections as the next session of Congress may well be a write off in terms of legislation. It would be nice to imagine both parties coming up with innovative agendas for addressing the existing structural problems both in America and the world but one expects we will just get more negative campaigning and showboating from all sides. That means existing divisions are just going to get more entrenched. They are not getting that message from the Saturn Pluto synod yet. With regard to Trump I have a suspicion that Marjorie may be onto something about the President ‘s health next year. We shall see.

    • Impeachment only requires simple majority at the House. It’s the outcome that is voted by the Senate. Removal needs to be voted by two thirds. Democrats would have not aquired that even if they had flipped all Republican seats on ballot now. But really, they could still impeach just to get Trump crossexamed by the Senate and make him and Republicans look bad. This is, in fact, what Republicans did with Bill Clinton. They knew he wouldn’t be removed. But they managed destabilize Al Gore enough to snatch 2000 elections. And I’d argue Bill having to lie on his sexual conduct on National TV and Hillary “standing by her man” also caused her 2016 loss. White, middle class suburban women, who are steady voters, loath Clintons for their charade of marriage rather anything else (I guess there’s some projection going on here). They could not bring themselves to vote for Hillary and only needed an excuse. Many stayed home. If they’d voted at same levels they usually do, at least Pennsylvania and Michigan would have gone to Clinton. So, conventional wisdom would tell Democrats should try impeachment. Nothing is conventional with Trump, though, so this would be risky.

      What Democrats should, and will, do is to seek information on Trump through committees they now control. They can, for instance, get Trump’s tax refunds in order to investigate financial matters. And this is potentially very damageing for Trump, even if he personally couldn’t be indicted while in office, because it would expose him for a conman Newyorkers have long known he is. While the most ardent cultists will obviously not be shaken, I know many Trump voters voted for “a smart billionaire who gets things done”. Learning he is in debt up to his neck to very questionable characters would definitely hurt Trump’s image in their eyes.

    • The hot topic that really pushes his buttons is his business/personal/family finances so if Congresses find a way to extract info he wants to keep hidden that could do it as well. Plus if there is a general recession that would put his gas at a peep.

      • I agree. His Venus/Saturn in Cancer really doesn’t get the attention it should in financial matters. I think he crew up in a household where being felt loved or even appreciated was very much associated to capacity of not only making, but managing money. Fred Trump not seeing him as a worthy heir is probably his original “narcissistic wound”. This impression was reinforced by the recent New York Times story basically spelling out how Fred Trump funneled “donations” to his kids through shell companies. It appears Trump’s siblings he doesn’t talk about had a bigger role in this he had, Donald and his flashy atticks being a convenient distraction.

  6. Meanwhile, Trump is truly livid and currently holding a press conference where he is ranting against everybody, including GOP leadership and retired elected officials. This when, for instance, Bob Corker’s and Jeff Flake’s seats were picked up by much more “Trumpian” candidates than previous holders. Paul Ryan’s seat was also picked up by a Republican candidate.

  7. What’s truly remarkable is that Congressional polls were mostly right this time. Only places they were significantly off were states with voter suppression issues, most notariously Georgia, and underpolled Republican “safe seats” in Midwest. Democrats were projected to win 30-35 seats at House, and lose a couple (we now know Florida will go to a recount, and so will, most likely, Montana, where Democrat is winning) at Senate.

    Also, remarkably, Democrats flipped SEVEN Governor seats out of 26 Republican held ones, including Wisconsin and Kansas. Wisconsin seat was held by Scott Walker, who was long seen as a Presidential hopeful and ran briefly in 2016.

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