George Santos – poster boy for political mendacity

Lying to look good is common enough but fabricating an entire fantasy around a never-happened CV and life history takes deception to a whole different level. George Santos, the newly elected Republican congressman for Long Island claimed to be  a wealthy, biracial, Ukrainian descendant of Holocaust survivors whose mother died in 9/11. He claimed to have worked at companies that never employed him and to be a graduate of two universities, only to admit later that he has no college degree at all.  In two previous political campaigns he pitched himself as a gay man of Brazilian descent and pro-Trump. His claims of wealth don’t appear to be backed up by evidence and his mother died in 2016.

  He recently admitted to being guilty of “résumé embellishment” but insisting the larger story about his life is true: “I’m not a criminal who defrauded the entire country and made up the fictional character and ran for Congress.”

  He was born 22 July 1988 in New York state with Brazilian parents from a family who had lived in Brazil for at least three generations.

  He is possibly/probably a Sun Leo at zero degrees and has two wide-ish yods in his chart. His Sun is sextile Jupiter in Gemini inconjunct Neptune; and his Jupiter sextile Mars is inconjunct Pluto (Moon) in Scorpio. A yod onto Pluto (Moon) does hint at a difficulty with wielding power; and a yod onto Neptune would certainly indicate illusion, delusion and possible deception. Neptune Pluto together as the markers of his chart hint at stratospheric ambition.

  He also has an emotionally changeable/unstable Venus in Gemini opposition Uranus Saturn in Sagittarius.

  There may be repercussions ahead for his wild claims and questionable tactics with tr Pluto opposing his Sun and tr Neptune squaring his Saturn Uranus this year.

  His mendacity is so flagrant it is almost funny and maybe even a wake-up call for a political class that has in recent years cut itself loose from truth, honour and decency.  

19 thoughts on “George Santos – poster boy for political mendacity

  1. There are so many lies that one wonders whether that’s even his real name, or, for astrological purposes, his real dob … 🙂
    Santos is a special type of liar, not only interested in self-aggrandisement like Trump, but appears to need any kind of attention, including pity, by placing himself in every harrowing (9/11, Holocaust, Ukraine) or sensitive situation (biracial, gay) imaginable, riches to rags and back to riches, almost like a ‘Munchausen syndrome by proxy’.

      • I definitely think he was getting a kick, like any addiction he got a high but the accompanying isolation only increased la problemos.

        The f-u-n appears to be wearing off – his walk into the House Speaker Vote (and his swear in day) looked like a perp walk as reporters battered him with questions.

  2. @Marjorie, there are also reports Santos told co-workers he was born in Brazil, raising questions about his citizenship and eligibility to hold office. Of course there’s another wrinkle; despite living as an openly gay man he divorced a woman just before he ran for office. This raises the question of whether he engaged in a fraudulent marriage to gain legal residency/citizenship, which is illegal. He never lived with the woman, calling the legitimacy of the marriage into doubt.

    • @Nicole, I think this is where he might have lied to the co-worker to make himself look “cooler”. Also, the US Congress does accept naturalized citizens, I remembered Ted Lieu and Jamila Jayapal were naturalized, but upon checking it there are currently total of 18 naturalized members of Congress, and one Senator.

      But it would be great if he was required to produce birth certificate, since my understanding is NY State does record TOB. Would be helpful with astrology.

      • @Solaia, yes, naturalized, but not fraudulently naturalized.

        It will be interesting to see how all the lies shake out and whether he really was born in the US or in Brazil. It will come out. It always does, especially with so many people sniffing around him. Many people have lost their citizenship when it’s demonstrated they acquired it through a fraudulent marriage or other lies.

  3. @Marjorie – Laughed out loud at the “first” quip when Fox asked Santos :

    “You have told many lies: Do you have no shame?” Santos responded: “Look at Joe Biden. He has been lying to the American people for 40 years. Democrats resoundly [sic] support him. Do they have no shame?”

    This was well-judged to appeal to that network’s audience. It also happens to be true (perhaps a first for Santos)


  4. Yes, the amount of lies, plus the vow (!!) to be sworn in is jaw-dropping .

    “…his mendacity is so flagrant it is almost funny…”

    Somehow I suspect his newfound global fame feels validating to him. He isn’t just a liar, he appeases to be immune to truth. Like, he isn’t even shameless, it’s some other category.

  5. “His Sun is sextile Jupiter in Gemini inconjunct Neptune; and his Jupiter sextile Mars is inconjunct Pluto (Moon) in Scorpio. A yod onto Pluto (Moon) does hint at a difficulty with wielding power; and a yod onto Neptune would certainly indicate illusion, delusion and possible deception.”

    Looking at the chart, I too think this is the key to Santos’ seemingly compulsive lying. What’s interesting is that looking at an interview where he told about his Ukrainian Jewish roots on camera, he isn’t that good a lier, either, quite the contrary, he demonstrates physical tells of lying, actually even looks upward to the right, probably making his greatgrandfather’s family name up right on the spot. Also, closing eyes. It’s interesting how this went unnoticed by GOP leadership to the point they didn’t fact check, but it could also be because of their bigotry – they were so desperate to have a Republican Pete Buttigieg, who despite being openly gay managed to win Democratic primary in conservative Iowa that they put this up as Santos’ being gay instead of just a dishonest person.

    • I think I see a third yod !? – Neptune sextiles the Moon and Pluto yodding onto Jupiter. ( move over Iona Gruffudd of two yod fame).

      Jupiter – luck and exaggeration, indeed. His foreign elements seem to be lightening any slaps on the wrist- so far at least .

  6. I have to say it hasn’t been hugely featured on local news broadcasts or newspapers in NYC/Island area – to the point where I’m amazed Marjorie “discovered” it. It’s there, but well below headline level.

    A sad reflection of how accustomed we are to outlandishness and piles of lies. Oddly it almost strikes me as a name making situation. Something a wanna be influencer would be grateful to snare on a reality show format (…at least to my post-Kardashian conditioning …)

    • @ “A” Fan, this was a huge story in SoMe, with many Liberal/Progressive and even former Republican/Never Trumper accounts amplifying it, making many traditional news outlets abroad pick it up. Here in Finland, the main national newspapers all picked the story. I guess it has wider appeal just because people are disillusioned about politics and politicians in general. But in a way, it still holds a “this couldn’t happen here” factor, due to societies being more open, certain records are easily accessable.

      • Huh! Interesting – I can see the appeal of siting an example Stoopid Americans too. (It’s been odd to me how little immediate action or outrage has been displayed – here – at least.)

        Where is SoMe, Solaia? And Happy ‘23 to you…

        • Dominic Lawson In The Times (not normally one of my favourite columnists) has a few thoughts. A psychologist who wrote a book on Trump said the people who worked for him said it was “like being with an entity who was playing the role of Donald Trump”.
          “Every American thinks he is playing the starring role in a film about their own life.” He points out the whoppers that Joe Biden has told throughout his career as well.
          A former Portuguese Europe minister, Bruno Macaes, the former explains: “My hypothesis is that American life continuously emphasises its own artificiality in way that reminds participants that, deep down, they are experiencing a story.” This is far from new, in the nation that invented the movie business.

    • Also able to make various jaws drop in NZ. We do miss some cases of lying of that type but the scale of it with George Santos, is unbelievable. Sometimes I wonder if Hollywood has some responsibility for a blur around everyday reality. Do any of the US charts indicate a tendency to dream big?

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