George Osborne – a flight of over-charged ambition ** updated

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George Osborne, the former UK Chancellor until David Cameron’s exit, whereupon he was summarily dumped by Theresa May, is reinventing himself – as a superman of boundless stamina. He’s staying on as an MP, getting paid £650K a year by an investment company, and has picked up nearly £800k since July as a speaker at global events. And is now to edit the London Evening Standard – in the mornings, leaving him time for Westminster in the afternoon. That’s probably another £200k a year (which all adds up to near enough $2 million USD plus per annum). Normally editing a newspaper is more than a full-time job and he has no prior journalistic experience. And there are now squeals from other MPs saying he’s making a mockery of his MP job.

Public-school educated and one of the ‘posh boys’ he always did have an over-whelming sense of his own importance. He has an Air Grand Trine of Gemini Sun trine Uranus trine Mars in Aquarius, formed into a Kite by Sun opposition a high-finance and can-be-delusional Jupiter Neptune in Sagittarius; with his Jupiter Neptune conjunct his Mars/Pluto midpoint which will give him ruthless and supercharged ambitions.

He does look seriously over-stressed at a mental level this coming Sept/Oct with tr Pluto hitting two of his Mercury midpoints. And stuck at the moment as his exciting announcement of his new position has met with outraged criticism with tr Saturn square his Pluto. By 2021 he has his Solar Arc Mars opposition his Pluto, which is complete dead halt for a year or so.

Evgeny Lebedev, the UK-naturalised, Russian-born billionaire, co-owner of the Evening Standard with his father the oligarch Alexander Lebedev (an ex-Russian Foreign intelligence operative turned banker) has said Osborne is exactly what the readers need.

Whether that relationship stands the test of time is debatable with a composite Sun opposition Mars under heavy pressure from 2018 onwards; and even before then will be running into arguments. Osborne’s relationship with his father Alexander is even less stable with Neptunian transits hitting that composite from now onwards for two or three years. And if the owners aren’t happy – he’ll no doubt move on to pastures need and even more lucrative. Osborne has a penchant for oligarchs, having got himself into a spot of political bother some years back over a sunshine cruise with Oleg Deripaska.

Add: His relationship with Theresa May was always bad-tempered, and his dismissal brutal, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if he used his new position to get his own back, despite him being whipped in as one of her back benchers. He was/is a fervent Remainer.

Their relationship chart has an aggravated-dislike composite Mars Saturn conjunction, which is being tugged by tr Uranus in sextile from this May and throughout 2018, so sparks may fly. July/August and late Oct to early Dec this year look especially fraught with tr Pluto opposition the composite Mercury, so fierce debating and bitterness. New Year into 2018 and on has tr Saturn in a cold square to the Venus. If he lasts in his new Standard job then his parting of the ways with TMay comes in 2019 with tr Uranus square the composite Sun for a real upheaval.

3 thoughts on “George Osborne – a flight of over-charged ambition ** updated

  1. George Osborne’s constituency is likely to be subsumed into the neighbouring ones when the boundary changes come into force, so he could have resigned as MP which would have annoyed Mrs May even more as it would have provoked a by-election. Bluebell’s suggestion sounds possible as he is highly ambitious and known to be the ultimate politician. Whatever he’s up to, we can be sure he has Plan B, C, D and more to fall back on. Still, it’s one thing to get your own back on another politician, it’s another to take on the press who are livid that someone without training or experience can wander into a major job in a part time basis.
    Yet again, it’s a matter of wait and see.

  2. Thank you. Interesting… I just wonder if he is trying to create a platform for some sort of new centrist alliance. I can’t think the right of the Tory party will ever forgive him for this. But if Labour is stuck with Corbyn and the Tories are seemingly being controlled by the hard brexiteers – there could be a big gap in the market in the next few years.

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