Gaza – Netanyahu wants a total win

 Against growing international criticism but with the backing of most Israelis, Netanyahu is pushing ahead with an attack on Rafah, where half of Gaza’s population is trapped, promising never to stop until Hamas is completely destroyed. Now in its fifth month with a third of the Hamas personnel killed and circa 25,000 Palestinians, the violence on both sides continues.

 Although most Israelis would not vote for Netanyahu and believe him to be motivated by personal interests( ie. avoiding jail for corruption) they regard this “as a no-choice war.” The trauma of 1200 dead on October 7 last year and the 130 hostages still held have shaken their sense of security. “This is a matter of survival. The October 7 hangover will be with Israelis for years, if not generations to come,” said Dahlia Scheindlin, a political analyst. “This is what trauma is. It crowds everything else out.”

   The suffering in Gaza has barely featured in the Israeli media.   

     Israel’s military leaders have made clear they expect fighting to continue throughout the year.

  The Hamas Attack on 7 October 2023 with its brutal, destructive Pluto square Mars flags up a ‘hot spot’ when the Progressed Moon squares the Mars exactly, moving on to oppose the Pluto. I initially had a start time of 2am for the attack which would put the flash point this July 2024 amplifying and triggering the Mars Pluto with more in August. Though I see wiki has 6.30am start which will bring the trigger earlier to April/May.  And there will anyway be a shift in late April/early May when tr Uranus returns to its initial degree.

 Netanyahu’s chart, 21 October 1949 10.15 am Tel Aviv, also flags up those two timelines. Through March he has tr Neptune opposition his Sun/Mars midpoint inducing a sense of panicky failure. Then a calamitous tr Uranus square his Mars/Pluto midpoint in late April/early May; and tr Uranus Mars Algol square his Mars in Leo in July. His relationship chart with Israel flags up August as high tension.

 The Israel country chart, 14 May 1948 4pm Tel Aviv, looks disappointed and battered through March with tr Neptune square the Jupiter and tr Uranus square the Mars/Pluto midpoint; confused and devastated in April with tr Pluto opposition the Sun/Neptune midpoint, at crisis pitch in May when tr Uranus squares the destructive Mars/Saturn and then will conjunct the Sun at 23 Taurus.  Tensions are unlikely to recede.

  The one faint hope of a solution comes with the demand for Israel to release Marwan Barghouti, a man some Palestinians see as their Nelson Mandela who is a prime candidate to take over from the hopeless Mahmoud Abbas and could be a unifier between Fatah and Hamas. He has been in prison for two decades. Israelis see him as an arch-terrorist and his triumphal return  would undercut Netanyahu’s long held strategy of supporting Hamas as a way of splitting the Palestinians and making a two state solution less likely.

Barghouti, a leader in the West Bank during the second Palestinian uprising in the early 2000s, is serving five life terms for his role in several deadly attacks; and is one of 9,000 security prisoners Israel holds. In recent years Barghouti has renounced violence and strongly supported a two-state solution.

  His date of birth is iffy with wiki having 6 June 1959. It looks feasible with his New Moon and Mercury in Gemini being trapped by the tr Saturn in Gemini opposition Pluto of 2002 when he was captured; plus tr Neptune in Aquarius opposition his Uranus.

  He has one ‘lucky break’ through late May to mid June which also shows up as a significant timeline on his relationship chart with Netanyahu as a phase of change (and disruption). So it might be possible. That influence repeats late November to mid December and spring 2025. Though on this chart he also looks at high risk and struggling through 2025.

  It’s difficult (impossible) to see where this ends either on the astrology or politically. Hamas cannot be destroyed totally and the Israeli right-wingers are violently opposed to a two-state solution with a strong Palestinian leader. And so it goes on.

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  1. Like other readers here I have watched this since I was 12 years old, this utter tragedy of two countries who cannot live side by side and both carrying terrible psychic wounds. I just hope for some resolution in the future.

  2. Thanks Marjorie. It looks like a very turbulent summer ahead, in more than one location too.
    One thing I noticed is the 10 Libra eclipse on 2 October, just days ahead of the anniversary of the Hamas attack. It will be a very sensitive, significant time, of course. This eclipse is in Saros Series 8 South, with a message of separation and loss according to Brady. It aligns with Black Moon Lilith, which somehow suggests hidden agendas to me. An eclipse on Israel’s Neptune, in Neptune’s own 12th house, also suggests confinement, hidden enemies, and confusion – or even poisons and disease?

    The eclipse may be worth watching. It triggers:
    Israel Neptune 10 Libra
    Netanyahu’s Mercury 9 Libra
    Barghouti’s Nodes 11 Libra
    Hamas Attack Sun 13 Libra, Ascendant 11 Libra
    Chiron will be 21 Aries, opposing the October 2023 Solar Eclipse at 21 Libra

  3. Transiting Pluto in Aquarius is going through Israel’s fourth house of homeland, and it’s starting to oppose Israel’s Moon. It won’t be exact till 2026, and after that it’ll move to oppose Israel’s Pluto and Saturn and will end up squaring Israel’s Sun.

    We’re looking at a decade of strife.

    Also, the Soviet union sort of fell when the Berlin wall did on 9th Nov 1989. Pluto was at 15 Scorpio, exactly conjunct the Russian revolution Sun (8th Nov 1917) at 15 Scorpio and quincunx the revolution Moon at 20 Gemini. It was 72 years old, Israel is 75.

    I wonder if these kinds of experimental countries come to an end when Pluto aspects their lights.

    And the few longer standing nations that exist are the ones that have somehow got past that moment of peril.

    • The chart for the Destruction of the Second Temple dated 4 Aug 70 CE has Uranus at 2 Aquarius and a retrograde Pluto at 12 Aquarius. It has the Sun at 9 Leo and Jupiter at 14 Leo. The progressed chart for this event currently has Mars at 16 Aquarius, Pluto at 18 Aquarius and Uranus at 21 Aquarius. Rather ominously in the Destruction of the Temple chart progressed Mars will be exactly conjunct the progressed Pluto in 2028. This looks to be a highly tense year as transiting Pluto conjoins with Mars at 6 Aquarius in January before forming a square with transiting Saturn at 8 Taurus. This will be happening in opposition to the 1948 Israel Moon at 4 Leo, Pluto at 12 Leo and Saturn at 16 Leo. To compound matters the Israel 1948 Solar Arc Sun will have moved over a to be at 9 Leo in 2028 exactly conjunct the 70 CE Destruction of the Temple Sun. The charts look incredibly stressed for 2028 and I don’t like the Pluto Saturn square which Marjorie has pointed out before may indicate a major international war.

      • Just to add to the ominous portents 9 Leo is the degree at which Pluto was located when the atomic bomb was tested and then dropped in 1945. Pluto by transit in Aquarius opposes that degree from 2028-2030

      • It’s not looking good, is it, when multiple charts are saying the same thing.

        People who think this war will be over “quickly” are deluded.

        Also, the “countries” in the Levant – Israel, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan – are newish and may not survive in their current form.

        Only Egypt and Iran have managed to hold on to their territory, century after century (or millenia after millenia).

        • If Netanyahu’s ascendant is correct, then it aligns with fixed star Antares, the Heart of the Scorpion. This is an important star – one of the Royal Stars of Persia, an Archangel star, in this case Oriel, Watcher of the West. This star is reddish in colour, and associated with Mars and a belligerent nature. Also great energy and potential for power.

  4. That Mars square Neptune in fixed signs in Barghouti’s chart suggests deceit and treachery, I very much doubt whether such a person is capable of genuinely renouncing his previously held beliefs and goals of taking back Israel. Such a person will say whatever it takes to get free and into power.
    It is incredibly insulting to compare him to Nelson Mandela, who as far as I know never killed anyone, sounds like propaganda to me.

      • Thank you for the link, that’s interesting. It seems to show that even though Mandela did briefly adopt a stance of violent resistance, even trained in guerrilla warfare, he was saved from actually carrying out any violence by fate, ie, he was caught and imprisoned for 27 years, just about one cycle around his chart of transiting Saturn and his progressed Moon. One of those people defined by their Saturn (conjunct Mercury in Leo), destined for greatness perhaps.

          • You’re welcome for the link.
            Since we don’t live in certainty, putting in a “perhaps” may very well be a good acknowledgement of that uncertainty.

          • I think there is no doubt that Nelson Mandela was “great”. Compared to SA today, now one of the most dangerous countries in the world, he brought about and maintained a period of relative peace and unity.

  5. This situation has been so tragic for all my lifetime. Obviously there is no way “kill ’em all so they don’t retaliate” can work for either side.

    I’m confused from the article with Netanyahu now “promising never to stop until Hamas is completely destroyed” yet also “long held strategy of supporting Hamas.”

    • As I understand it Netanyahu initially supported Hamas taking over the government in Gaza since it split the Palestinians in two with their rival Fatah overseeing the West Bank. It made a two state Israel/Palestine less likely he thought. But the strategy turned round and bit him. Like the Afghanistan mujahideen whom the USA and west supported when they fought the Russians but once the Russians left they turned out to be not so friendly after all.

      • Is it biting him since this war in effect is helping him stay in power and suppress his opposition. The October 7th attack in fact sent people in the liberal camp into Netanyahu’s embrace. He and his government have had the audacity to put the rescue of hostages as secondary in their official media interviews.
        He’s no different from any historical political figure that have leveraged ideology and a perfect storm of geopolitical circumstances to support their personal agendas and the consequences are invariably the unnecessary torture and death of many.
        For those who might be under any misguided notion that this is limited to a regional detriment hopefully will realize that Biden’s (and other Western leaders’) unchecked support of Israel and Western societies’ refusal to conduct balanced and factual discussions (including media coverage) of this conflict have eroded democratic practices throughout the western world and further discredited its claim on moral authority.
        Dysfunctional though aspirational (Aquarian) transnational organizations (Capricorn), like the UN, have shown their utter powerlessness when unethical actors refuse to abide by international standards (much as Trump’s inanity showed the willing paralysis of Congress).
        I feel like the “gods” are playing chess with us. To them, who are immortal, this is a low-stakes game/experiment, to us, who are mortal, this is self annihilation. Even if one believes in reincarnation, I think we still have one shot at living the lives we’re currently living.

    • Only one party has the force to annihilate the other and unfortunately it seems to have learned from the Mullivaikkal massacre that “kill ’em all so they don’t retaliate” can in fact work, in spite of the gross murderous evil in the policy.

      Marjorie, do you see any parallels between the Hamas or Palestinian charts this year and the ill-fated Tamils’ in 2009?

      • Hmm would be tricky to compare. The Sri Lankan war finished with war crimes being pursued against the government and vast numbers of Tamils being displaced. But there is no chart that covers the Tamils.
        William Hague yesterday in the Times made a sensible point – that it is possible to defeat a military force but much more difficult to defeat an insurgency. There are 17,000 orphans it is reckoned now in Gaza, prime candidates for the next Hamas replacement if the present lot are excised.

        • Plenty of people know that the emperor (Netanyahu) is naked (his personal political ambitions), but there seems no immediate internal mechanism to take him out of power, especially as he continues to enjoy continual support from seemingly extremely short-sighted Western powers.

  6. Sepharial on Barghouti’s Asc at 27 Leo….”An ominous sign! Danger to the native
    at the hands of an enemy, or the reverse. Quarrelsome, argumentive nature, given
    over to impulsive actions. A restless, and destructive mind (Gemini), always on the
    alert to attack, to oppose, to argue. Very executive, goes thru’ life a tornado,
    remarked but not esteemed. It is a degree of DESTROYING. A DAGGER.”

    • Indeed. I think the comparison with Nelson Mandela is extraordinary and delusional, Mandela never killed anyone, he led a movement that wanted equality and peace.

  7. Here is Barghouti’s triwheel for his capture & imprisonment Trans Uranus opposes his
    natal Asc from 7th, Israel army. Solar Arc Uranus aspects his 12th of prison.
    Sun, r1-Moon, r12, has moved to conj his 12th of prison. SA Sun-Moon trines his 4th,
    new home, endings. Natal chart is rectified for 10:10am, 27Leo rising. He was bald,
    as emphasized by his Leo Asc.

  8. I read Haaretz, a left-wing newspaper in Israel that is highly critical of Netanyahu and right-wing madness. It covers extensively Palestinian suffering. A lonely voice of sanity.

    • @Mary, not really. There is apparently A LOT going on behind the scenes right now. In Italy, leftwing PD just convinced PM Meloni and government parties to make a joint statement demanding ceasefire.

      It seems some of the staunchest allies have had enough of this.

      • Demanding ceasefire is meaning less and very superficial way to look at a way to solve the problems there . There was ceasefire on Oct. 6. The demand should be to bring back all the hostages and demilitarized Hamas.

        • Aya, Tragically I agree – without an ‘after’ solution it will just revert to same old same old. But it goes back to the despairing truth that no solution known to mortal man will produce a compromise acceptable to both sides.
          It really is an 8th house entanglement, no black and white, right and wrong. Two wrongs and two rights.
          The astrology for Israel does suggest years and years ahead of high stress and risk.

      • @Solaia, thank you for this bit of good news!
        @Aya, while I agree with you that more needs to be done, a ceasefire would be a major first step toward realizing any lasting “day-after” peaceful solutions. Though they obviously have to be implemented relatively quickly before a ceasefire takes the steam out of the political momentum gained from global attention on and international opposition to this conflict and the inequities that brought it to eruption.

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