Gabby Petito – a folie a deux gone wrong

The much publicised Gabby Petito disappearance and murder may soon be solved with the probability that her boyfriend’s remains have been found in a Florida park. He was charged as a person of interest having used her credit card after her death. They had been school sweethearts, engaged for a year and were on a four month trip in their van round the States. Police were called to a domestic disturbance early in August when she said she was suffering from mental problems, which neither seemed to be handling well.

  She was born 19 March 1999 in New York and was a Sun Mercury in Pisces with a volatile and uncompromising Mars in Scorpio square Uranus; and a neurotic Neptune square Saturn Venus in Taurus.

  Brian Laundrie, 18 November 1997, had a Scorpio Sun exactly opposition Algol; with a revved up Mars Venus in Capricorn square Saturn in Aries which would give him a less than sensitive temperament. His Saturn was conjunct her Jupiter, squelching her optimism; his Jupiter was conjunct her Uranus and square her Mars which would be adventurous but he’d also stoke up her volatility.

  His Sun spookily is conjunct her destructive Mars/Pluto midpoint. And that is writ large on their relationship chart with a Mars Pluto conjunction square Jupiter Venus opposition North Node – and possibly tied into the composite Moon as well. And that is one damaging relationship, quite perverse in many ways to be together at all. Not good for either of them. Plus the composite Sun is in a delusional conjunction with Neptune and square Saturn – so there would be no clarity about the dynamics of the relationship.

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  1. Truly ‘star-crossed lovers’, a tragedy of Shakespearian proportions. Perhaps that’s why they caught the media spotlight. Doomed not by outside forces but by their own inner demons. Can’t imagine the grief those who raised them must be suffering at this time.

  2. On the surface, Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie looked like such a perfect couple. It’s absolutely tragic that they’re both dead at such a young age. It’s even more tragic that Gabby Petito was murdered….and her fiance, Brian, was the main suspect.

    I think the cause of death for Brian Laundrie is still undetermined. I’m wondering if he committed suicide to avoid police capture over his suspected involved in Gabby’s death….or….if there was a third party involved in murdering both of them.

  3. Interesting that composite Sun was conjunct Neptune square Saturn. So many of the happy times seemed to be about promoting themselves on social media platforms such as Instagram. With Saturn in the mix, I wonder if the responsibility of looking good for the camera began to weigh on the relationship.

  4. A notebook found on the body may reveal further revelations.
    Converting his chart to sidereal, we find that he was in
    Jupiter major period and Mercury subperiod. Jupiter is in fall
    in Capricorn, in his 10th, reputation, in mutual reception with
    Saturn-Moon, depression, suicide, in 12th, undoing.
    His subperiod Mercury rules 3rd of notebook, and is in his 8th
    of death. Notebook found on his deceased remains which may
    reveal further insights to motive, etc.

  5. thank you -,The specifics aspects show why this wasn’t an easy water trine relationship, tho it might have brought them together. Just a tragedy!

  6. I rectified Laundrie’s birth time to 4:43:12 pm, Asc 23Taurus,
    with Uranus on MH square Pluto in his 7th.
    When his remains were found Wednesday morning, trans Pluto,
    corpse, was trine his Asc.
    I rectified Petito’s birth time to 10:30:13 giving Asc 22Scorpio30,
    exactly opposite Laundrie’s Taurus Asc. Her Mars at 12 Scorpio
    in the 12th squares her natal Uranus in her 3rd.

    • As a Pisces myself, I find the relationships I’ve had with Scorpios always to be unhealthy & dark. Besides besides the planetary synastry, Petito a Pisces with Scorpio ascendant in a relationship with a Scorpio with Taurus ascendant seems just terribly destructive on it’s own.

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