Frank Gardner – not giving in to adversity

Frank Gardner, BBC security correspondent, overcame a near fatal shooting 20 years ago in Saudi Arabia, with an extended recovery period in which he nearly died, to continue his career and travel extensively despite now being confined to a wheelchair.

 Born a year before Sebastian Junger, another war-reporting journalist, who has written about his near death experience (see post below) Frank Gardner’s chart has strong similarities. Both have their Chiron opposition Pluto, giving them an attraction for danger and excitement; and both have Neptune in Scorpio on the focal point of a T square (as does Barack Obama). Neptune can have an idealistic side, but is also a dreamer with deep emotional yearnings which ordinary life won’t fulfil. Such a Neptune can be creative – and Gardner is onto his 4th fictional crime thriller; and is certainly inspirational and healing for others.

 Gardner was born 31 July 1961, no birth time, with a diplomat father expelled for espionage activities from Czechoslovakia and a mother who worked for the Foreign Office. He started studying Arabic at college and even when he started as an investment banker he travelled constantly in the Middle East. He switched to journalism and became a BBC correspondent.

 He has an entertaining Leo Sun opposition an optimistic and humanitarian Jupiter in Aquarius square Neptune; with his Mars in Virgo in a disciplined and gutsy trine to Saturn in Capricorn. Like Junger as well he has his Saturn on the focal point of a yod inconjunct Uranus sextile Venus – not a natural fitter-inner to an ordinary lifestyle. A Saturnine yod does demand maturity and realism to make it work well.

  When he was shot on 6 June 2004, his Solar Arc Sun was conjunct his Mars; tr Pluto was conjunct his SA Neptune; and there was a collection of tr Uranus and Solar Arc Saturn all crowding on top of his Pluto opposition Chiron. His companion  died instantly. He somehow survived six bullets — and eleven bullet holes — and remained conscious throughout his ordeal.

  He started writing fiction since he became bored on long flights to Los Angeles and is now onto his fourth novel, Invasion, featuring Luke Carlton, a latter-day James Bond risking life and limb in Taiwan for king and country.

4 thoughts on “Frank Gardner – not giving in to adversity

  1. Here is Frank Gardner’s speculative chart… magnifier to enlarge.
    Here is Sepharial on his Asc-Mars at 20 Virgo….”He will be involved in some fracas in
    a foreign country or with foreigners. He will be further liable to hurts from
    secret enemies.”
    Went to Papauo to see birds of paradise….the 10th House gives things we adore.
    He has Mercury there….Mercury rules birds.

  2. I think this Mercury (how he talks) in Cancer (traditions of the homeland) fits with his impeccable posh accent. One of the last remaining few, sometimes I think.

  3. Frank Gardner and explorer Benedict Allen (1st March 1960) are close friends. They made a documentary together called “Birds of Paradise” (BBC2, might be on youtube) chronicling their joint journey to Papua New Guinea. Allen was returning after his first expedition there 30 years earlier and Frank went with him as he’d always wanted to see birds of paradise.

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