France ahead – an image makeover under pressure




France born out of a bloody revolution – 21 September 1792 3.30pm Paris – has an intense and rebellious chart with an 8th house Sun, North Node, Mercury in Virgo and Venus in Libra also 8th. Plus most noticeably Uranus in Leo in the 7th opposition Pluto squaring onto Mars MC in Scorpio. The 8th house makes them secretive and self-protective; the Virgo emphasis gives them a love of small dogs and their vastly expensive but excellent Health service; and the Fixed T Square makes them revolutionaries at heart but bizarrely resistant to change.   Hence the present troubles as Hollande attempts to force much needed labour reforms on pitch-fork wielding workers.

They’ve been through the mill post-the 2008 crash with the economically stressed tr Saturn opposition tr Uranus hitting on the Sun and then the tr Uranus square tr Pluto in hard aspect to the 8th house Venus – so financially all bad news. But that is now over and with tr Uranus moving out of the 2nd house they might just have turned a corner.  Plus this year tr Uranus is trine the France Uranus and sextile Pluto – so there will be some steps towards positive change, albeit against mighty reluctance. Plus tr Jupiter is now going through the 8th till 2017 which should produce some good news for business.

The tr Saturn square tr Neptune caused some upset to the 10th house Sagittarius Moon last year but that’s finished.

The tr Saturn Pluto conjunction of 2019 will fall in their 12th house so will cause concern but may not manifest in any obvious way.  Then tr Saturn moves across the Ascendant as tr Jupiter catches up with tr Pluto in 2020 and both move into the France 1st thereafter which will does suggest a complete revisioning of France’s image in the world. Tr Jupiter Saturn and Pluto will all sextile Mars and the MC around this time which could suggest constructive changes under great pressure.  Tr Pluto moving across the Ascendant from 2021 will bring to an end a long, rather draggy phase since 2009 when the country felt trapped.

Tr Saturn through the France 1st from 2020 onwards is normally a lower profile on the world stage, internal-get-it-together phase for several years.

They will catch a flicker of the tr Uranus in Taurus problem come 2018 when it is conjunct their Saturn, but it then moves on to oppose their Jupiter – so bad news, followed by relief. And they are then untrammelled by tr Uranus until late on, around 2023/24 when it opposes Mars MC and squares Pluto and Uranus. That will cause a major shake-up which may be long overdue as well as some risk and insecurity.

So a good deal going on but some of it very domestic and if the time is accurate perhaps not as financially unsettled as the EU/UK.

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