Bryan Cranston – turning bad to good

Bryan Cranston



Award-winning actor actor Bryan Cranston, who became a global hit playing Walter White, the chemistry teacher turned meth manufacturer in the stratospherically successful long running TV series Breaking Bad, was born 7 March 1956 10.52am Los Angeles, California (AstroDataBlog).

His parents were both actors and described by him as ‘broken people’ who should never have been parents. He was raised partly by his grandparents.

He has a 10th house Pisces Sun, fitting him for the creative film business and for a career which brings him public attention. His Moon aspects, not surprisingly, are stressed with an 8th house (grandparent nurture) Capricorn Moon opposition Uranus square Neptune opposition Venus in late Aries.  So a disrupted childhood with Uranus and highly strung Neptune in there.

Luckily he also has a confident Jupiter Pluto in Leo opposition his MC Mercury in Aquarius squaring onto a 6th house Saturn in Sagittarius. So very hard working, conscientious, suited to a career with a good deal of variety. A focal point Saturn also often brings success later in life.

He was 53 when Breaking Bad launched on 20 January 2008 with a reasonably solid though not totally hot career behind him. At that point tr Uranus was moving through his 10th conjunct his Pisces Sun.  Uranus is a wild card bringing jolting and unwanted changes of direction for some, and clearly in his case a game-changing role. His Solar Arc Mars was also opposition his Pluto which would be challenging with the pressure of work; but whose criminal intent he turned to good use in the role of good guy gone rogue.

He’s got a well aspected actor’s 15th Harmonic.

He’s got a long way to go career-wise with tr Saturn now moving above his Descendant, peaking in the 2020s.


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