European Banks wobbling ahead

The recent dip in the stock markets has fuelled fears of another banking crash with Deutsche Bank and Credit Suisse suffering falls in share prices, though DB has recovered ground today.

Deutsche Bank, 22 January 1870, survived the 2008 crash unscathed and was always regarded as a bastion of solidity and security. Though it was maybe just better at hiding its pain than some of the others given the astrology it has lived through in recent years – Solar Arc Saturn square Mars, conjunct Jupiter and Pluto.

At the moment tr Uranus is moving to square Uranus for the final time next month; with an undermining Solar Arc Neptune opposition its financial Venus. So the swampy situation in which it finds itself will lead to some major changes. But it still looks all confusion and devastation through 2016/17 with tr Pluto square Neptune. Plus a huge, forced upheaval in 2017/18 from tr Pluto opposition Uranus. So nothing that will settle quickly.

Credit Suisse, 5 July 1856, if anything looks in a worse pickle with a discouraging and indecisive Solar Arc Sun square Neptune this year; and the dead-halt, scary tr Pluto square Mars exact now and around till late 2017.

The EU Central Bank (ECB) 1 June 1998, is feeling the full brunt of the neurotic tr Saturn square tr Neptune this year as it assaults and undermines the 10 degree Gemini Sun through until mid Feb 2017. Not happy and not clear what remedies will work. Dithering.

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