Dan Walker – creationism – an overload of Neptune

Dan Walker, ex-sports presenter, is a new anchor for BBC’s flagship breakfast news and chat show. What has got the media buzzing, and up in arms, is that he is a creationist – believes the earth is between six and ten thousand years old, created by God, and the dinosaur bones were ????

Born 19 March 1977, he’s a New Moon in Pisces with planets in all three Fire signs including Neptune in Sagittarius. His Sun = his Neptune/Pluto midpoint; and his Uranus/Neptune and Saturn/Neptune all aspect his Pluto, Jupiter and Mars.

Neptune can, of course, be spiritual or psychic, but Neptune/Pluto tends towards the pursuit of fantastical ideas; Uranus/Neptune can sometimes lead to peculiar psychic states; and Saturn/Neptune finds it difficult to balance fantasy with reality.

Sarah Palin is also a creationist and her Neptune squares her Sun Mars Saturn, is sextile her Pluto and inconjunct her Jupiter, trine her MC – so heavily aspected. Her Sun aspects two Neptune midpoints; and her Jupiter aspects her Neptune/Pluto.

Chuck Norris is another, 10 March 1940 3am Ryan, OK and he’s a Sun Pisces opposition Neptune, with Neptune trine Uranus. His Jupiter is also = Neptune/Pluto; his Uranus =Jupiter/Neptune and his Neptune= Uranus/Pluto.

Wonder whether they’ll let Dan Walker interview Richard Dawkins?

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