Andy & Kim Murray – a competitive new entry

Tennis player Andy Murray and his wife Kim Sears had a daughter in the early hours of Sunday morning Feb 7th in Surrey.

The new arrival will be quite a handful with an Aquarius Sun square Mars in Scorpio, so ultra-determined. Quite a charmer with Pluto Venus Mercury in Capricorn with a late Capricorn Moon also, all trine Jupiter in Virgo possibly on the Midheaven. Confident, sociable and not one to be overlooked even in a high-powered family.

Her mother also has Mars and indeed Pluto in Scorpio and Venus in Capricorn – so they will be reasonably similar.  All three have Saturn in can-be-opinionated Sagittarius – although that could also be serious about sport.

Both parents have Jupiter in Aries with No 1 daughter having Uranus there – so adventures ahead.

She looks close to her mother with a composite affectionate Sun Venus conjunction, though it won’t be without arguments with a stubborn and volatile composite Mars square Uranus.

Her relationship with father has an easy-going/spoilt composite Sun square Jupiter; with an emotionally heated composite Venus opposition Mars.

In the relationship charts of her with both parents there is a composite Saturn Pluto conjunction suggesting ties that chafe from time to time. It’ll certainly change their lifestyle which on a constantly travelling international circuit won’t always be easy with a baby.

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