Europe – embroiled in a clash of cultures

  Growing concern in Germany and France about an influx of immigrants from cultures at odds with western democracy and individual freedom especially for women have led one German  national newspaper to print a list of house rules of how to behave, in the wake of violent pro-Hamas, anti-Semitic demonstrations. In France Michel Houellebecq’s novel Submission about a France ruled by Islamists stirred up a storm and landed just as the cartoon publisher Charlie Hebdo’s office was attacked with several killed in retaliation for a satirical cartoon about Mohammed. France’s rigorous approach to maintaining a secular society with strictures against Muslim woman wearing headscarves and veils attracts praise from some and criticism from others about Islamaphobia.

  Henry Kissinger just before his death  said “It was a grave mistake to let in so many people of a totally different culture, religion and concepts.” A mistake which Sweden is belatedly regretting and struggling to find a solution. A report on Germany’s migrant population produced by Harvard University warns that, instead of adapting to the liberal way of life in their new host nation, many remain attached to the austere conservative Islamic customs of their countries of origin. Women are often controlled by their menfolk, or face domestic violence. Some have ‘never even learned how to hold a pencil’, the report says.  France has most Muslims, around 9%, Sweden around 8% while Germany and the UK have around 6%.

“The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”  “The law of unintended consequences – why things bite back.” Both truisms and both true.

  Disentangling religion from culture is not a simple matter. Many of the more extreme fundamentalist Salafist beliefs -derogatory views towards women, homosexuals, non-believers, and an edict against integration  – would not have gone amiss in the mediaeval Vatican. So they are part of the west’s past but progress was made and more civilized attitudes developed, though it did take several centuries.  

  I was trying to find an astrological timeline not so much for Muslim immigration as for the clash of cultures which has arisen in recent years. There have been Muslim intakes at various stages through the past century; with the 1970s seeing an uptick which was when Neptune moved into Sagittarius  and Pluto into Libra. Neptune can be surprisingly fanatical in its opinions and Sagittarius with its 9th house rulership can lean towards self-righteous religious beliefs.  Al Quada emerged when Pluto moved into Sagittarius in the mid 1990s.  Pluto in Libra – should have improved relationships though what it did was shot the divorce rate up and expose flaws in cooperation.

  The other date which seems more plausible was the late 1980s when the triple conjunction of Neptune, Saturn, Uranus in Capricorn was in place.  Triple conjunctions which have only occurred 10 times in the past two thousand years can cover specific events over a decade or more. But they more essentially point to major civilization shifts, whose effects ripple out for decades and sometimes centuries to come.

 In the 5th century AD, a quadruple conjunction of Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto followed by a shattering Uranus–Saturn–Pluto triple conjunction oversaw a huge civilization shift as the Roman Empire declined, Britain was invaded by the Picts, Scots and Anglo-Saxons, and the Dark Ages began. This last 1989 triple conjunction was nothing like as strong but it did have a particular impact on the UK, Germany and the EU – all with Capricorn Suns.  I suspect we are still seeing the tsunami waves from that conjunction.

  Al Quaeda which became the poster boy of the least palatable side of Islam was founded in 1988 as well. It in part developed out of frustration with western interference in the Middle East which had for decades propped up autocracies – and it campaigned for an equally totalitarian wish to impose a Caliphate on the entire world. Which to be fair is hardly dissimilar to Christian missionaries in South America and elsewhere trying to impose their faith on unbelievers.

  None of which gives any indication of when this particular problem will find closure.

 Hamas having lit the touch paper in Israel has set off a firestorm way beyond the Gaza borders.

As a non-astro-addendum I remember being infuriated when Labour Minister Jack Straw whose constituency  was in the Midlands with a large Muslim population was jumped on for suggesting Muslim women dispense with the full face veil. The squalling this perfectly reasonable and sensible suggestion attracted was never satisfactorily countered. As neither was the Ayatollah’s fatwa issued against Salman Rushdie in 1989 which aroused great fervour in the UK Midlands. I thought at the time that should have been slammed down on hard – you do not threaten to assassinate people in the UK and the country has no laws against heresy or blasphemy. Any imams or others heard repeating the threat should have been straight into prison. As TV commentator Joan Bakewell said at the time. “When basically tolerant countries let in intolerant elements they don’t know what to do with them.”

  Another imponderable problem. Any ideas do pitch in.

Die Bild: A manifesto in 50 points

1. For everyone living in Germany, Article 1 of the Basic Law applies: “The dignity of man is inviolable.”

2. For us, there are no infidels! Everyone can believe in whatever they want – even Santa Claus.

3. Anyone who considers our constitution and our legal system as a collection of non-binding recommendations should leave Germany as soon as possible.

4. Anyone who wants to live here permanently must learn German. Only when we speak the same language will we understand each other.

5. Everyone can demonstrate peacefully in Germany for their convictions. Free speech does not include threatening people, assaulting them, throwing rocks, burning cars, or celebrating murderers.

6. We don’t wear masks or veils; we look each other in the face (unless it’s Carnival or Corona).

7. Respect and charity sustain our free society.

8. Against the backdrop of the darkest chapter in our history, Israel’s security is a matter of German national interest! This means: Standing up for the security of the Jewish people is non-negotiable. Criticism of Israel’s politics is, of course, allowed.

9. We say please and thank you.

10. We gladly shake hands as a greeting or farewell.

11. We see the police as “friend and helper,” not as a repressive force or an enemy.

12. Many Germans eat pork. Of course, not everyone does. By the way: We have 10 million vegetarians or vegans because freedom also goes through the stomach.

13. The state has a monopoly on violence. Apart from the state-appointed agencies, nobody has the right to use violence against people or things.

14. We accept that our freely elected parliament sets the rules for our coexistence, which can be checked by independent courts.

15. Men are allowed to love men and women women. Whoever has a problem with that is the problem himself. Love and let love!

16. Even if someone feels neither male nor female, they are not persecuted or punished. In our country, citizens are allowed to think freely and live queer.

17. We don’t see social services as employers but as institutions that help people in financial need, people who can’t work. Not people who don’t want to work.

18. We respect the judiciary because it judges without prejudice.

19. Women wear bikinis or bathing suits in the swimming pool. And if someone wants to swim naked in the Baltic Sea – that’s okay too!

20. Women and men are equal in every respect.

21. Equality also in payment for work (we still have to catch up there)!

22. We discuss controversially and passionately, but we don’t insult those with different opinions.

23. We are tolerant with the tolerant.

24. And we have no tolerance for intolerance!

25. We only use fireworks on New Year’s Eve, so when it’s allowed.

26. We don’t burn flags of countries we dislike. That’s a crime!

27. We respect every religion, but we clearly separate religion from state.

28. Women who have affairs are not ostracized, let alone beaten or stoned! In the event of a divorce, joint custody applies to the children. It doesn’t matter who caused the marriage to fail.

29. You don’t have to be a virgin to get married!

30. Those seeking protection from political persecution or war in Germany will find it. Even those who have no claim to it can often stay. We don’t expect gratitude, even if it would be appropriate. But we do demand strict adherence to our laws and respect for our values and way of life.

31. We don’t marry off children. And men can’t have more than one wife.

32. Women decide – like men – for themselves how they dress, who they’re friends with, whom they love, whether they’d rather go to a club or church, whom they vote for, and what profession they choose.

33. Germany is a country of grillers. After a picnic in the park, we take our trash with us.

34. Knives belong in our kitchens, not in our pockets.

35. We pay taxes because we know they are the foundation of the state.

36. When a woman says no to a man, it is final and absolute. Anything else constitutes sexual harassment or rape.

37. We expect everyone who can and is allowed to, to seek employment and provide for themselves – even if social assistance or citizen’s income might initially be higher than the salary.

38. There is compulsory schooling in Germany. We believe in the importance of education and learning.

39. We give up our seats in buses and trains for the elderly and disabled.

40. Cheers, Germany! Beer and wine are part of our culture here. Respect it, and if you don’t want to drink, don’t.

41. How long or short a skirt is, is decided solely by the woman wearing it.

42. Those who cannot tolerate the caricature of politicians, celebrities, gods, or prophets are not in the right place in Germany.

43. The media question politicians, but we generally trust that the elected officials decide truthfully and for the people’s welfare.

44. Honor does not mean the right of the strongest.

45. Respect and appreciation are just as natural in social networks as they are in supermarkets or offices.

46. We try to protect the environment and conserve resources. Sustainability is the future.

47. Germany has a heart for children. They are not beaten but promoted.

48. Catcalling, like whistling or calling out to women, is harassment.

49. Boys and girls can go on school trips together, participate in sports, and swim classes together.

50. We love life, not death.

47 thoughts on “Europe – embroiled in a clash of cultures

  1. Die Bild, the newspaper which penned and published this “manifesto” would be said by most to be notoriously anti-migrant, especially if the migrants aren’t white, think The Sun in Britain, it seems to relish fearmongering and division.
    The woes in Germany, and most other European countries, are overwhelmingly caused by outdated economic policies that want globalisation on the one hand (free movement of goods and services, freedom for richer countries to exploit poorer ones) but limited freedom of movement of people.
    These policies also see the rich few getting much richer while the rest of the population sink rapidly into subsistence. Those at the top don’t want this to change, of course, so promulgate this kind of scary rhetoric, blaming brown skinned people, making (white) people afraid of them. Same old, same old. White supremacy plus greed equals divide and rule.

  2. I can’t speak of other nations, but for the UK, the decisive moment – from which, surely, a horoscope can be cast from in order to elucidate the whole issue – is the 1948 British Nationality Act, which essentially enshrined the right of free settlement of Empire and Commonwealth subjects in the UK. The time and date of accession of this Act must be none.

    This Act was the watershed, turning point moment in the UK’s demographic destiny. Prior to its accession, the UK was inhabited by, essentially, the same people as for many thousands of years. Afterwards, there was radical and extreme change.

      • It’s worth looking at the first Aliens Act, which received Royal Assent on 8th January, 1793. It was the first official registration system in the UK, designed to deal with the large influx of French migrants fleeing revolutionary France.
        It has a fixed t-square involving Venus 25 Aquarius, Mars 17 Aquarius, Pluto 22 Aquarius opposing Uranus, 23 Leo, and square Jupiter 25 Scorpio. The July 1948 Act has Saturn 23 Leo, sextile Uranus 28 Gemini and Venus 28 Gemini. So these fixed degrees might be important, and are currently being transiting by planet of upheaval and change, Uranus. You’ll see those degrees popping up across a range of historical charts for Britain too. Uranus is at 28 Sagittarius (square Moon in Pisces) the traveller, in Jupiter’s “far horizons” 9th house of the Britain 1066 chart (Book of World Horoscopes). So 1948 Act triggered that, and will shortly have Neptune melting everything!

        Official documents regarding immigration and immigrants to Britain held at the National Archives date back to the 13th Century. This is a long story! And worth noting, too, that London’s first black British mayor, John Archer, was elected in Battersea in 1913.

  3. Hey Marj, here in Australia we have housing problem, unemployment and whatnot. Ok we let in 500,000 and only 2500 were qualified chippies (carpenters) 4500 ele tricians. And what about the others? It’s racist to do a background check on them and the ones that are crims, rapists, murderers they don’t want to wear ankle monitors. People have more rights now and it’s unclear what to do with them. If I say anything I get called racist by non whites abd I’m Maltese Australian born. I just don’t get it

  4. What were the signs for the quadruple and triple conjunctions of the 5th century?

    I’m sure the manifesto will rally the enthusiasm of traditional Germans.

    I’m also sure it will be totally useless or infuriating to people who see it as “that’s just your opinion, man,” as a random collection of disrespect to their faith in God’s eternal revealed truths and their own cultural legacy. A legacy goes back hundreds of years before Charlemagne, 1,200 years before the Congress of Vienna. Half of the manifesto’s points call for not adopting charming new quirks, but for flushing away the very specific doctrine of the only identity many immigrants have ever known.

    Point 2 is wrong. There are infidels: those who place the Prophet’s words, and the teachings and traditions that harken back to him, above the secular religion of state and society as rightful rulers of mankind. Until the liberal society finds a way to get conservative newcomers to abandon their religion and culture, which are tied up together in the same knot, this kind of scolding won’t win over too many hearts and minds.

    As an American I’m curious about point 34. Many peaceful, nonviolent Americans, especially who were in Scouts, find it handy to routinely carry a Swiss army knife, Leatherman tool or similar pocket gadget with screwdriver, file, bottle cap remover, tweezers, scissors etc. as well as a blade or two. Of course it’s not something to take to the airport or courthouse. Is it illegal to have such a thing on your pocket in Germany, if you never ?use it to injure someone or damage property?

    • The Pluto Neptune conjunction in 411-12 was at 23 Taurus. The Uranus Pluto conjunction occurred in 439-440 at 21-22 Gemini. The Pluto Neptune cycle that is currently in motion began with a conjunction at 7-8 Gemini in 1891 so we are now in cycle that began in mutable masculine air . It should be noted that Uranus by transit is currently conjunct that 411-12 Pluto Neptune conjunction. The last time Uranus crossed those degrees was in 1939-40 at the outbreak of the Second World War. Uranus will transit the 1891 Pluto Neptune conjunction in 2027. In terms of Fixed Dawrs we have apparently entered a 360 year cycle ruled by Jupiter and Libra in 2020.

  5. Manifestos have nice cozy words designed to make the comfortable in their (still for a short while)bubbles clap and say ‘hear, hear’ in the entirely mistaken belief that there are people actually working on amanifesto coming true. In the real world however and in terms of actions not words, a teacher was forced to flee his home in Batley with his partner and four young children and since then has been living in a secret location outside the Yorkshire area, reports claim. The teacher, who was head of RE at Batley Grammar, has also been given a new identity.
    Manifestos do not shape reality in any way, actions do.

  6. I think the core issue is that change is being loaded on western European societiesfaster than they can adapt. This appears to be particularly the case in countries like Ireland. Whatever one thinks about the immediate causes of the recent riots in Dublin it must be recognised that such outbreaks of violence probably indicate some pretty serious underlying issues that can not be simply legislated away with new “hate” laws. The modern Irish state was essentially founded as political entity to express an Irish ethnic identity long suppressed by British rule. For its government then to rapidly import lots of immigrants in some form of new plantation was bound to run into problems. In Ireland’s case it seems the rush to be seen as a modern state has led to its government to make some unwise decisions that will destabilize its society in ways for which it is not prepared.

  7. Thank you Marjorie
    Not really on point but I thought I would look at previous ages for ingress of Pluto to Aquarius.
    306 CE Constantine becomes Roman Emperor and then adopts Christian religion, moves away from the City of Rome
    560 CE Empires fall in both China and India; period after a great plague of Justinian ravages Europe,
    798 CE Charlemange gets his empire together and is crowned in 800 CE
    1043CE Edward the Confessor crowned King of England and a reorientation of England from Scandinavia to Europe begins, start of moves towards Gregorian renaissance in Church matters
    1293 CE Last not unsuccessful crusade to Palestine by western powers, Changes in Asian empires
    1532 CE Reformation and its antithesis start to get into full swing
    So one sees changes in religious thought and practices and in empires
    Of course change happens all the time but these seem significant breaks

    • The Pluto Ingress charts into Aquarius in 550 CE and 1532 CE both have Neptune in late Pisces about to enter Aries. The 550 CE ingress chart has Saturn in early Pisces as well and it coincided with cycle of Saturn Jupiter conjunctions air signs including one at 14 Aquarius in 551. I would guess that the 550 chart is the closest to the 2023 Pluto ingress chart followed by the 1532 chart. I am not sure what historical pointers can be taken from these charts particularly as the 550s really was the Dark Age for western Europe.

      The shift of outer planets from feminine Earth and masculine Water to Air and Fire in the next two years must signify a major shift is on the way. My guess is that there is going to be a fundamental reexamination of some of the assumptions made about rights and obligations in society where appeals to emotion over reason are likely to be challenged in fundamental ways.

        • There could be a religious theme. 550 has the completion of the Babylonian Talmud, the Jewish religious central text of religious law. Justinian 1 sends two monks to Central Asia to spread Christianity. In 1532 it’s all kicking off with Henry V111 and Anne Boleyn, and the chaos of the English Reformation is brewing.

          Also back in 550, the Chinese Emperor builds 1,000 miles or so of boundary walls, and the large and powerful Gupta Empire falls in India. Shifts in power? New boundaries and territories?

          It’s interesting to see that The Prince, by Machiavelli, was published in 1532 as well. A controversial book of pragmatic deceit, cunning, and political strategy said to have influenced all manner of later leaders and philosophers including Napoleon, Mussolini, and the founding fathers of America. Amongst contemporaries, Henry VIII is said to have been influenced by Machiavelli’s ideas. He was Taurus, but Moon and Nodes in Aquarius, plus Gemini Mercury trine Uranus in Libra, and Nodes in Aquarius.

          People are “quick to change their nature when they imagine they can improve their lot,” and “The fact is that a man who wants to act virtuously in every way necessarily comes to grief among so many who are not virtuous. Therefore, if a prince wants to maintain his rule he must be prepared not to be virtuous, and to make use of this or not according to need.” Machiavelli, The Prince

          • Machiavelli’s book says that every agreement is made, based on the conditions at the time. If conditions later change, the good ruler will ignore the agreement rather than make his state suffer. Both side might have used that page from him.

            Marjorie, I made comments this morning on your Hall & Oates and also here, that haven’t shown up in the evening. Did they not get into your queue? Should I check again tomorrow?

          • I think religious beliefs are likely to be rather more important in the upcoming Air Age/Pluto in Aquarius period than most of the conventional astrological interpretations are predicting. Certainly looking back to the Air Age period from 400-630 one sees the collapse of the western Roman Empire and the slow rise of a theocratic civilisation largely based around the Roman Catholic church and the concept of sacral kingship, a situation that lasted a 1000 years. It should be noted that for most of the middle ages western Europe was essentially a feudal, closed society. Diversity of religious practice and beliefs was simply not tolerated. This system only started to breakdown during the Reformation in the 16th century and was finally replaced by a secular world view during the 18th century Enlightenment. It is that Enlightenment preconceived notion of of western civilisation should be organised that is essentially now under challenge.

  8. Marjorie, you are brilliant. Many thanks for your refreshing take on things, and your readiness to impart words of wisdom.
    Salutations from Wales.
    Diolch yn fawr!

  9. In the UK it is probably when British police forces started putting Sharia Law above the law of the land. This is especially apparent when they turned a blind eye to men having mire than one wife, forced arranged marriages and honour killings. I cannot give an exact date, but the late 70s seem a good time frame.

  10. I’m curious about what you mean by ‘going the way of New Zealand’. Do you mean the depressing lot we’ve just got? – right wing evangelical, naïve, a libertarian and an angry old man show off beholden to conspiracy theorists. I agree you dont want that lot. Probably a reaction to trying to sort too many things at once in a more liberal direction.
    I reassure myself with your recent post Marjorie in which you said we’ll be a different country by the time we get to the end of the decade. We have no idea which way we’ll have gone by then though.

  11. Thank you so much Marjorie. The manifesto is the most sensible thing I’ve read for ages and ages. It would be so good if political talk around immigration would take on that realistic flavour.

  12. Thanks so much for posting the manifesto! Love it! We could apply it in all western nations.

    Unfortunately in the US the American Taliban, AKA the Republican Party, would oppose most of its sane provisions.

    I do hope you come up with some astrological markers pointing to an end of the right-wing ascendancy and reign.

  13. Thanks for sharing the terrific manifesto! Possibly interesting is that the recent Lunar Eclipse at 5 Taurus aligned with fixed star Caph, in the constellation Cassiopeia, the Queen. According to George Noonan, this star is ‘a troublemaker for Islam’.

    I looked at 610 AD, the year when Islam began. No idea which month. However, that year has Jupiter conjunct Saturn in Aquarius, 23 degrees in March. That’s got Uranus square by transit now, and also opposes the UK Saturn in Leo. Jupiter opposes Neptune in January 610 at 9 degrees. There’s a Uranus in Cancer square Pluto in Aries theme to the year, Pluto trine Neptune in Leo, and the Nodes move from 8 Aries in January to 22 Pisces at the end of the year. I haven’t checked anything else, but am now wondering about the eclipses then as we are moving through the same Nodal cycle now.

    • I have 16 July 622 JC AD as the date for the start of the Islamic Calendar. Interestingly has the same Leo North Node at the same degree as USA.

      • Thank you Marjorie, the history of all this is a real labyrinth! I’ll offer something else to consider, which is the start of the “apex of Islamic power” under the rulership of Al-Walid in October 705 AD, JC. At that time the Islamic Empire stretched from the Iberian peninsula to India. The saying “old sins cast long shadows” might also be flipped to say “old triumphs cast long shadows”, and the memory of empire can have strange effects.

        No exact day, but during the whole of October, Jupiter in Aquarius (29-28) squared Saturn in Taurus (27-25). That connects with the Fatwah chart’s Jupiter in Taurus square Sun in Aquarius rather neatly, plus the USA’s Aquarian Moon. And much stubborn energy is invoked. Perhaps worth noting that the progressed Sun for the USA was 26 Aquarius at the time of the 9/11 terrorist attack.

        Then, there’s the Uranus in early Virgo opposing Neptune in Pisces in 705. That resonates with the Fatwah’s own Nodes at 4 Pisces/Virgo. A religious feel there as well, plus the Saturn transit now may bring out longstanding issues, and affect large groups of people.

        Moon’s Nodes for October 705 are 18-17 Aquarius/Leo. So although later than the US, they mirror the same symbolism. Also, Black Moon Lilith for 705 was 9-13 Virgo, and the US BML is 19 Virgo. Somewhere in there might be the notion of ‘maiden’, ‘virgin’, and so on, a symbol that’s important in many ways for both cultures. And not always/rarely in a positive sense…….

        Pluto in 705 was 22 Cancer all month. The power of the Moon, an integral part of the Islamic religious calendar? And happens to be close to the US Mercury in Cancer, opposing it’s Pluto.

        Anyway, just some possibilities here. The whole issue is vast, but vitally important to analyse and find some way through I feel. I hope it is not too late for discussion and sensible action.

        • The other one to keep in mind is Suleiman the Magnificent who ruled under the Pluto in Capricorn 1520 onwards, the Ottoman Emperor. Also have a thought that Neptune is Pisces is associated with Muslim influence.

          • Yes, I have a feeling Neptune in Pisces is linked with Muslim influence as well. Not sure where I read it. The early Christians used a fish symbol to denote secret meeting places. There’s the ‘fishers of men’ statement by Christ in the Bible, plus possibly the ‘miracle’ of the loaves and fishes too. The Vesica Piscis may also be relevant, as are a number of fishy headed or tailed creatures and deities from ancient Mesopotamia. The symbol for Pisces apparently appears in ancient Egypt, long before Islam or Christianity. The fish is a symbol of fertility and eternal life in Islamic teaching, as far as I understand it. Everyone borrows from everyone else in mythology.

            I almost wonder whether the fish-tailed goat of Capricorn might also be involved! As we begin to move towards the end of Pluto in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces, there could be an intensification of all that earth and water, before we hit fire and air?

  14. Thank you Marjorie. I have been worried about this very thing in the states. If you dont become part of our common value system, why bother to come here at all.

    • The benefits scheme. We really are run by dolts when you read about terrorist-enthusing activists living in council houses and getting generous family support. Nowhere else would do it.

      • Indeed.

        When you consider the *enormous* waiting lists for council properties in the London area, and the *hundreds of thousands* of decent, worthy, folk – of all ethnicities – who were passed over in order for blatant terrorists to be allocated the property.

    • How Can we ignore our aggressive foreign policy in the past that led to the destruction of people’s homelands when debating immigration problem?

      Maybe stop bombarding countries to rubble if we don’t want more immigrants.

  15. Canadian liberalism is one of the silliest and most self-destructive. A radical imam in Montreal who has publicly asked Allah to exterminate Jewish aggressors in Gaza cannot be prosecuted because, while Canada’s Criminal Code prohibits hate speech, there is an exception for religious hatred which is constitutionally protected. Canadian courts routinely consider freedom of religion as in effect the most protected right in the Constitution. That is a recipe for social madness that fuels the rise of the right in this country and is one of the reasons Justin Trudeau is now far behind in the polls. Canada is about to go the way of New Zealand with elections due in 2025. Unfortunately, the leader of the Conservative Party (another Gemini) is prone to disinformation a la Boris Johnson. Canadian Tories used to be the most loyal to the UK. Now they act like the local branch of the GOP. The question is how far right the pendulum will go. Racist violence is much on the rise against both Moslems and Jews here as elsewhere.

    • Intriguing notes Andre. Andy Lee has highlighted a correlation between sizeable liberal party donations + appointments to the judiciary. Worthy of pursuit.

      Cases like the above in Montreal and the likes of a recent Supreme Court ruling re: mandatory minimums for child luring being unconstitutional, are indeed cause for concern.
      With regards to child luring, they didn’t decide based on the cases in front of them, they decided it based on hypothetical cases. It was a purely political decision.

      Social madness indeed.

      You description of the Conservative party and leader Pierre Poilievre, does echo some of the rather febrile tweets of Liberal MP’s who are currently facing poor showings in the polls. Many party faithful and ideologues are desperate to claim a nebulous negative influence from south of the border, alongside vague notions of “disinformation”.

      Speaking of disinformation, one rather unhinged liberal MP recently blamed PP for a mass shooting in Winnipeg. Desperate times require desperate measures.

      Comically, regarding actual American influence, the Liberal party hosted Hillary Clinton at their convention, while the NDP hosted Bernie Sanders at theirs.

      Funny old world.

  16. Rule 30 is the best one. Before they are granted citizenship we should first ask ask them where they will go when it is here the same as the place they left because it was intolerable. I had an Affghan refugee cleaner for a while and she complained that her father was also trying to impose “the old ways” on his family because he was afraid they would lose their cultural identity if they embraced western values. But it was the oldest son who told his father, “if you don’t want us to change then we should not have come here”. I think they tend to overreact out of fear and host countries should also do more to help them integrate than just passing laws banning things.

    • “host countries should also do more to help them integrate than just passing laws banning things.”

      each country in the west has tried different things. none of them seem to have worked.

  17. Well spotted Marjorie. Ultimately it is all about demographics-it takes 22% of total population to tip into cultural shift-demographic change is effected through births, deaths and migration…

  18. Page 88 of December’s National Geographic magazine has a good article about the Alhambra in Spain….that was an invasion that had both negative and positive aspects but then I expect if you were a pleb in Spain you lost out either way. I think it benefitted Astrology 😉
    Good list from Germany…I haven’t been able to understand why women wear Burka’s in a Northern country that has little Vitamin D around at the best of times. An RE teacher tried to explain that she felt she wasn’t judged by her appearance and people concentrated on what she said…I’m too cynical and just didn’t get it. One thing that really saddened me was a student who said she was going to be bleaching her skin over the weekend because the ‘matchmaker’ was visiting and she’d get more points for being ligher skinned. 🙁

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