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French President Emmanuel Macron is striding the globe like a colossus, dispensing insults and largesse with equal vigour. He dazzled Trump with military pomp on Bastille Day; schmoozed Putin with the glories of Versailles; a horse to Xi Jinping; and the Bayeux Tapestry on loan to the UK. Fading Merkel, entangled in coalition talks, has left the field clear for his Jupiterian reign. The EU was always a Germany-France axis with the former taking the lead in recent times. Macron’s closer-integration zeal would seem to put him in the driving seat. Unless like Icarus, he flies too high and crashes and burns. Much depends on what emerges from the German electoral stalemate, which after this Sunday’s SPD conference may lead to another election.

Macron’s relationship chart with Germany looks to be his biggest headache from this June onwards with tr Uranus opposition their composite Saturn and square the composite Pluto, extending into 2019; and chills in relations now and across this autumn.

His France Presidency chart suggests his bubble of enthusiasm will start to deflate from this April with tr Neptune starting an eighteen month square to the Presidential Mars; with dents to his popularity this year and hitting his confidence in 2019.

His personal chart, 21 December 1977 10.40am, predominantly inspirational and super-confident Fire signs,  suggests a one term presidency with tr Saturn dipping below his Capricorn Ascendant before the next 2022 election. If he can muster up enough from tr Jupiter through his 1st to make it through, he’ll have a lame duck second term. Before then he looks to be riding high, despite bubbles bursting under his feet in 2019 with tr Jupiter through his 10th. To watch for: The late January Lunar Eclipse will hit his 7th house Mars in Leo, which should provide an eruption or two.  Transits to his midpoints are very gritty from early this February onwards with frustrations, risk and lessening dynamism – running on till late 2019.

His relationship with the UK is deeply conflicted at the best of times with a composite Mars opposition Pluto, sextile/trine both Saturn and Uranus – and won’t improve, despite ancient treasures winging their way across.

But more pertinently he looks out of sorts with the EU, and vice versa, through this year and next, so not getting his way; with huge challenges come 2020 when the EU will be undergoing considerable turmoil. Interesting times.

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  1. Sometimes, looking “at odds” will actually mean driving a change. What’s interesting for EU is that France’s Progression looks really good for International Prestige under Macron, Sun passing from 8th to 9th house (I use equal houses, work much better for the Mundane Astrology, in general). His Inaugurantion Chart isn’t bad, either. I predicted his victory based on these a year ago, when everybody was freaking out because of Trump and really thought LePen could take France. There was a “Globalist” streak in there just didn’t go with that victory.

    I’d say the way this works is that with Brexit, France’s influence will grow in EU. Starting from the French language, which already was the “official” EU Language due to Bruxelles and Strasbourg, but was challenged by English as an unofficial language. But, you can see Mediterranean Bloc led by France gain more traction, as well.

    Not only that. Macron’s Government is pro-science, and is taking lead on that front. Germany will be a post-Brexit banking leader (property prices in Frankfurt are already up, meaning transfers from London will go there). But with all the damage Trump is doing to The US, the incredible damage he and GOP leadership inflicts to The US Science Community is often overlooked. They’ve been defunding a program after another. I predict Berlin will continue grow as the main tech startup hub (have some contacts there, people leaving Silicon Valley for Berlin isn’t news…), with Nordic Countries continuing to be attractive to “creative class. But for “hard science” products requiring heavy Government Funding, we’ll see France rising.

    So, whether Macron personally has one term or two terms, and whether En Marche! will be able to consolidate their power, things are actually looking up for France, because Macron has been able to drive a much needed change in French Society.

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