Emily Maitlis – a Virgo plagued by unwanted attention



Virgos are being keyed up this week, maybe in part by the Capricornian flush. But it’s astonishing how some weeks are dominated by one sign. First Michelle Williams, Keanu Reeves, then the sad Dolores O’Riordan.

Now Emily Maitlis, a high-profile UK TV news presenter is in the headlines. She has been stalked for an unbelievable and outrageous twenty years by a man she knew at university, who has already been imprisoned for breaching a restraining order and now is back inside for 45 months. She says it’s like having a chronic illness. “He is unwell and has wasted half his life. Stalking is a weirdo glamorised term for what is essentially mental ill-health and so somewhere along the lines we have to change the mechanism.” A convicted rapist was also revealed at his trial to have an unhealthy fixation for Maitlis. But mercifully he’s inside for four life sentences. She must feel jinxed.

Born 6 September 1970 in Canada, she’s a Sun Mars in Virgo with Mercury Pluto also in Virgo trine Saturn in Taurus which is in turn opposition Neptune. Her Mars is sextile Venus in Libra conjunct Jupiter in Scorpio. Her Moon is also Scorpio.

Stalkers are an increasing hazard for celebrities – losers trying to fabricate an identity for themselves by fantasising a connection that doesn’t exist. And there’s no way she set out to attract them. But two things strike me about her chart. One is that her Sun is conjunct her Mars/Pluto midpoint, making her ultra-determined and suiting her for high-risk work. The other is her Sun in aspect to her Neptune/Pluto midpoint, which can be obsessive, impressionable, sensitive to strange influences.

Mars Pluto in its negative manifestation is rape; and Neptune Pluto is prone to fantasy. Both have positive ways of being lived out which she clearly utilises; but they may be a part of the reason why she’s pulled into her orbit unpleasant personalities. The other being, she’s blonde, attractive and constantly on screen and the world is full of disturbed people. What a price to pay for a successful career.

Pic: By Gothick – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=10099200

7 thoughts on “Emily Maitlis – a Virgo plagued by unwanted attention

  1. Mee too was born on 6th Sept 1970 at 19-50 hrs Bhopal MP INDIA
    am engineer scientist and Vedic Astrologer Palmist hence was interested to know the birth time of this person otherwise unknown to us in India but unfortunately the time of birth is missing on this portal

  2. Mars Pluto is courageous, resourceful in crisis, has never-say-die-determination which in the right context can be useful. But it does demand a certain kind of lifestyle to bring out the best side. Get stuck in a humdrum, routine life and it will cause havoc. War corr Marie Colvin had one, ditto Christine Lagarde of IMF, also the Mafia and war-crimes prosecutor. OK not everyone is going to aspire to those kinds of jobs, but any kind of crisis-resolution jobs, working with criminals, rapists or victims thereof. It needs an edge of risk and danger even if only vicariously in working with those who have suffered.

  3. I have a tight mars pluto conjunction. It is a powerful ally if kept under control, in my case by Moon/Saturn in Capricorn. That’s a frothy and whimsical combo too. Not….

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