Eminem – time for a change

Eminem, the American rapper, record producer, doesn’t do much in the way of publicity but continues to produce music, and has an on off relationship with his twice-married twice divorced ex-wife.

Born 17 Oct 1972 11.04am Kansas City, to a 17 year old mother, he had an unsettled childhood, moving constantly after his father left and has had well-publicised drink and drug problems in adult life.

He’s got a 9th house Venus which is picking up the tr Pluto trine in 2015/16 so a strong possibility of a romance abroad or with someone from a different country.

His life is certainly changing dramatically in 2015/2016 with tr Uranus opposition his Uranus and then his Libra Sun; with more following as tr Pluto squares his Uranus in 2017/18.

Tr Saturn is also now moving below his Ascendant so he’ll want to pull back from an over-busy schedule find more time for personal matters. It won’t finish his career but he’ll certainly be less ambitious than before.

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