Campbell & Bannatyne – two jungle beasts

Total trivia to get away from global horrors. The UK Celebrity in the Jungle TV show continued to rumble with tensions at the post-finale party. Lady Colin Campbell alleges that entrepreneur Duncan Bannatyne, never a fan of hers, assaulted her which he denies.

She (17 Aug 1949) and he (2 Feb 1949) are frankly much of a muchness. He’s a Sun Mercury Mars in Aquarius opposition Pluto which clashes mightily with her Leo Sun Pluto conjunction and her Mars in Cancer squares his Neptune. So he, while not being altogether a nice man, stood up to her need for control to which she responded by putting him down.

Their relationship chart has a controlling Sun square Pluto – so a fight for the upper hand; an aggravated Moon Mars trine Saturn – instant dislike.

Tony Hadley, Spandau Ballet, 2 June 1960 4.05am London, also didn’t exactly hit it off with the Jamaican aristo. Her Mars in Cancer opposed his Saturn in Capricorn and squared his Mars in Aries; and her Saturn was conjunct his Virgo Moon Pluto – all nasty.

Their relationship chart has a needs-space Sun Uranus conjunction; a disappointing Sun square Neptune; and a hostile Pluto square Mars. Not a recipe for happy camper-mates.

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