Mauricio Macri – Agentina’s new president facing uncertain times ahead

A new right wing president, businessman Mauricio Macri, has been sworn in Argentina after the elections which saw the leftist Cristina Kirchner defeated. He has promised to move away from a largely state-controlled economy to a free-market one, easing trade and currency controls; and improving relations with the US. He faces myriad economic problems including high inflation, reckoned to be running at 25%.

Macri, born 8 Feb 1959 at 3.05pm (?) Tandil, Argentina has a dynamic chart with an Aquarius Sun sitting on the focal point of a Fixed T Square to a risk-taking, money-oriented Jupiter in Scorpio opposition Mars in Taurus. That opposition also squares on the other side to Pluto – so quite a powerhouse, ego-centric, determined, enduring, ruthless when necessary. He’s also got a tough Pluto trine Saturn in Capricorn, sextiling onto Neptune. With Neptune in turn in trine to Moon Venus in Pisces so a more sensitive side as well.

He was sworn in at 11.50am 10 Dec 2015 which puts a charming though evasive Neptune on the Pisces Ascendant in an anxiety-prone square to a 10th house Moon Saturn Sagittarius – that looks fairly panic-stricken. There’s an over-expansive Sun square Jupiter so promising more than can deliver. And the explosive Mars in the 8th opposition Uranus square Pluto suggesting major crises around money plus perhaps violence. It’ll be a rocky ride from the start with huge frustrations and some risk next year. And especially in 2017 when the Saturn Neptune square closes; and the Solar Arc Pluto comes exact to Mars Uranus.

His own personal chart has tr Neptune conjunct his Venus and tr Saturn square through 2016 which usually indicates a drop in popularity. And real hardship and problems in 2018/19.

The Bank of Argentina, 28 May 1935, is sagging and sinking through 2016 with the tr Neptune square tr Saturn hitting on the Saturn opposition Neptune. So continuing the 2014/15 slide. With some lift through 2016 but also major upheavals.

The Argentina 25 May 1810 chart has fairly similar influences with the tr Neptune square tr Saturn hitting on the Mars (Sun) opposition Neptune Saturn right through 2016 especially, but also 2017. Again there’s some boosts from a tr Pluto trine Jupiter; but there’s also a jolting Solar Arc Uranus conjunct Sun late 2016/17; and a bubble-bursting Solar Arc Jupiter conjunct Neptune in 2018.

Jeremy Corbyn – airy disregard for reality From: Marjorie. (09 Dec 2015 18:01):
Jeremy Corbyn, the UK Opposition leader, who has the PR sense of a natterjack toad, managed at his staff Christmas party to quote an Albanian communist dictator, whom most of us outside the extreme left (and Stalinist historians) had never heard of, so I looked him up.

Corbyn insists it was humourous – “This year will be harder than last year. On the other hand, it will be easier than next year.” Marginally witty.

Except that Enver Hoxha, 16 October 1908, ruled Albania with an iron fist for 40 years, eliminating opponents with prolific use of the death penalty, imprisonment and despatching their families to remote villages. Under his term Albania was the most isolated and poorest country in Europe and socially backward. His death left it with a legacy of isolation and fear of the outside world.

Hoxha was a Sun Libra trine Pluto in Gemini; with a harsh T square of Mars opposition Saturn square Uranus. He took over on 24 October 1944 when there was a Sun Mercury Mars in Scorpio square Pluto and trine Saturn – they don’t get much nastier than that.

Corbyn looks like a wimpy geography teacher and clearly can’t control his party but he has sat on platforms with gun-toting terrorist/freedom fighters from the IRA, through Hamas to Hezbollah. He’s clearly drawn to ruthless killers even if he can’t even face David Cameron with any vigour across the despatch box.

He’s got an Airy chart with the Sun and three other planets in Gemini, Jupiter in Aquarius and Neptune in Libra, so a man of ideas, not action. Where his attraction for the unsavoury rambos of this world comes from is his Mars (Moon) in Taurus square Pluto and widely square Saturn. He certainly doesn’t live that out in any direct sense, just likes to be near those who connect with all that dark, destructive energy for him.

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