Elton John – the long goodbye



Elton John has announced his retirement – after an upcoming 300 date, three-year world tour.  Thereafter he’ll stop travelling but still sing when in the UK. So he says. A health scare last year when he nearly died and his mother passing caused him to reconsider his lifestyle with a husband and two children now at home.

Born 25 March 1947, London, with varying birth times from 2am to 3.28pm, he’s a Sun Aries opposition a musical Neptune and trine a bleak Saturn Pluto in Leo, which gives him staying power but also contributed to his early depression/drug habit. His Moon is in indulgent Taurus; and he has a volatile, restless Uranus square Mars (Mercury) in Pisces and trine Venus in Aquarius. His Venus is also in an extravagant, frivolous square to Jupiter in money-magnet Scorpio.

He’s now 70, heading for 71, and won’t find the next two or three years easy with tr Uranus in a jolting square to his Saturn and a panicky-failure, low-energy tr Neptune conjunct his Mars – both from mid this year on through 2019; then tr Uranus squares his Saturn/Pluto midpoint and will at some point conjunct his Moon. But for all that he’ll have moments of bullish confidence with tr Pluto conjunct his Mars/Jupiter midpoint from March onwards till late 2019 which is positive for a new projects.

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