Elton John & David Furnish – mixing love and business

Singer Elton John, according to the Daily Mail, has been gradually losing most of his old staff, it is said due to differences with his now-husband David Furnish, who has taken over his career direction. Furnish has been liked to Yoko Ono in terms of his influence.

Elton was born 25 March 1947 4pm Pinner, England and has been through a testing time in recent years with his 8th house Aries Sun opposition Neptune being hammered by tr Uranus and tr Pluto. He’s clear of that now.

His relationship with Furnish, 25 October 1962, is supportive with F’s Jupiter in E’s 7th; and F’s Venus conjunct E’s 4th house Jupiter in Scorpio. There are less wonderful cross overs with F’s Mars in Leo conjunct E’s Saturn Pluto, which looks problematic and could end up in a bitter power struggle if it ever came to a separation.

That is mirrored in the relationship chart with a composite Mars square Pluto; though there’s also an affectionate and morale-boosting composite Sun Venus Jupiter conjunction as well. So lots of positives as well as some negatives.

There will be pressure on their relationship through 2016/17 with tr Pluto conjunct the composite Sun and Jupiter; and in 2017 with tr Uranus square Uranus, opposition Neptune. Elton also has his Sun/Moon midpoint stressed in 2016 as tr Uranus opposes it which can sometimes cause rifts in marriages.

Furnish himself looks rather stuck and undermined in 2016 and hugely frustrated and enraged in late 2016/2017. So not all harmony in the golden palace.

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