Downton Abbey – two Leos at the helm

The UK award winning Downton Abbey, which became one of the world’s most watched TV dramas, has come to an end after six seasons. Set in a stately home it followed the gradual decline of the British aristocracy’s fortunes and lifestyle through WW1 up to 1930.

It was the brainchild of writer Julian Fellowes, born 17 August 1949 in Egypt to a diplomat father and brought up in the home counties in England at private schools. He started life as an actor and graduated to writing, winning an award for the screenplay of Gosford Park.

He’s a Sun Pluto in Leo as befits an interest in the five-star lifestyle of the English upper classes, as does his Jupiter in traditional and socially ambitious Capricorn.
He’s got a writerly and meticulous Mercury Saturn in Virgo; an attracted-to-show biz Neptune square Mars in Cancer; and possibly an indulgent Taurus Moon.

Downton Abbey was given the OK by Peter Fincham, Director of ITV, who has been crucial to reversing its downturn since he took up the job in 2008. He’s also a Sun Leo in his case conjunct Uranus; with a resoundingly confident Pluto Jupiter conjunction; and a tough Pluto square Saturn.

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