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Fifty Shades Darker, the sequel to Fifty Shades of Grey has hit the cinema screens to escoriatingly bad reviews. EL James, the author, has sold 100 million copies of her ‘mummy porn’ books worldwide and evidently insisted on full script, cast and direction control of this movie, unlike the last, with predictable results which fulfilled the studios’ worst fears. Dominatrix in life as well on the badly written page. [A creative writing tutor described her novels as being written for people who didn’t read books.]

Born 7 March 1963, she is a Sun Jupiter in Pisces with her Sun opposition controlling Pluto, trine Neptune. Lucky, confident, intense, a dreamer. She also has Venus in Aquarius opposition Mars in Leo – so somewhat unbalanced between love and lust. Her Mercury in Aquarius opposes outspoken Uranus. Her Leo Moon may oppose Saturn and square Neptune – emotionally rather battened down though creative as well as neurotic. Certainly she wants to be grand with Mars Moon in Leo. It’s a see saw chart with four oppositions so she’ll be constantly looking for answers outside herself in her relationships.

When the first volume of Fifty Shades hit the best sellers lists in 2011 her Solar Arc Mars was opposing her Jupiter with Solar Arc Venus conjunct her Jupiter following along behind.

She’s not so upbeat at the moment with tr Saturn square her Jupiter through this year; and tr Neptune opposition her Pluto, square her Sun/Pluto this year and conjunct her Sun in 2018, so undermined. 2019 looks blocked and frustrated with her Solar Arc Pluto square her Mars.


5 thoughts on “EL James – whipped by the critics

    • I would shove you out of the way at your therapy session, knowing you are going to die with dignity anyway. Mustn’t waste a good therapy session 🙂

  1. Ha! Love that mind of yours, Marjorie. That title, priceless fun.

    She took her S&M shipping of Bella and Edward of Twilight, removed the fangs and werewolves, and published this hot mess.

    • Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series was downright bloody awful too, Sgt. Peppa. I really had to force myself to get to the end of book one. Drugged myself to get through book two. By the time I started book three, I had to throw up my hands in defeat and get therapy to try and claim back the many long hours of my life I had lost to such an extreme load of literature drivel.

      Just one long boring yawnfest into the mind of a weak and feable woman who is unable to define who the hell she is unless a controlling man is there to pull the strings for her. Just like Fifty Shades. Just dreadful and shocking they resonate with so many females. Where the hell are our fiesty role models that we desperately need in today’s times? This is not the 1950’s anymore.

      I cannot believe EL James and Stephenie Meyer have become multi-millionaires many times over by committing the crime of doling out this literature ideology of such weak, pathetic women, thus informing and influencing our culture to such a degree, that yes, women are in fact, weak and pathetic and men are controlling implying ‘strong’.

      Honestly, I’d rather drink down a cold cup of sick than have to read such turd filled books like this again in my life.

      • Jo, Twilight was like being on the Moon with only your most dried-up Great-aunt’s Day-Keeper to read. Two choices: do you throw yourself out of your habitat and suffocate to death, or do you continue reading and suffocate to death?

        Bella enters the classroom, Edward catches her human scent and frowns at her for the first time. It was written with so little spark that I thought Bella had left a tampon in for a couple of months. I was sure that the next time they met, Edward would have ear-plugs in his nose.

        EL James left her husband in charge of most of FSD. So now there is another movie of characters who were disguised by a shipper who disguised it as a romance, this time being copped by a man who did not write any of the books, and it is disguised as the work of the shipper who copped Meyers’ Twilight.

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