Eddie Izzard – relaxed about he or she

The confected outrage over gender fluidity and pronouns has been well and truly skewered by the genuine article. Comedian Eddie Izzard, who came out 35 years ago as transvestite and more recently transgender, defended JK Rowling against accusations of being transphobic. “We need to look at the things she has written about in her blog. Women have been through such hell over history. Trans people have been invisible, too. I hate the idea we are fighting between ourselves.”

  Eddie was born 7 February 1962 7.30 pm (unverified) in Aden, Yemen, to English parents, and was brought up in Northern Ireland and Wales. He knew from aged four that he was transgender. “I’m gender fluid. Your brain gets coded male or female when you’re young. Mine got coded both ways. I have the gift of both, although it doesn’t feel like a gift at first.”

‘If [people] call me she and her, that’s great – or he and him, I don’t mind. I prefer to be called Eddie, that covers everything.”

 He cut his teeth as a street entertainer, ‘made burbling, conversational surrealism his stock in trade’ and hit fame in his thirties as a stand-up comic, often in drag, following in the Monty Python tradition – as Darth Vader in the Death Star canteen (“Give me penne all’arrabiata or you shall die!”), the thoughts of a busily munching squirrel (“Did I leave the gas on?”) or God as James Mason. ‘Izzard didn’t just riff off recognisable reference points but spun big existential questions into hallucinogenic gold.’

Now 58 he has stayed the course, has built a stage and screen acting career, sold out Madison Square Garden, was the first solo comedy act to play the Hollywood Bowl, did a long stint in Paris, performing in French, and has gigged in Germany, in German. He/she has also caught the headlines doing astonishing back-to-back marathon runs for charity, to be repeated this month on a treadmill. He’s a dedicated Labour activist and may go into politics.

   His/her chart has an astonishing six planets in Aquarius, a sign often associated with comedians –  Jimmy Tarbuck, Jimmy ‘Scnozzle’ Durante, Ned Sherrin, Michael Bentine, Barry Humphries, Les Dawson amongst others. In Aquarius he a disciplined, determined and sharp-witted Mars Saturn conjunction, as well as sunny, charming, chatty, lucky Mercury, Sun Jupiter and Venus. Neptune in Scorpio sits in square with Uranus as well as a leadership North Node across the zodiac in Leo. So incredibly Fixed and enduring.

  He/she probably has unaspected Pisces Moon which will tend to make his feminine impulses act erratically. On his artistic 5th Harmonic the Moon is heavily aspected in opposition to Sun, Jupiter, Venus square Pluto Saturn (Mars) so through his creative work he can fully express his emotions and feminine side. His mother died when he was six of cancer.

  The other cross dressing though not transgender comedian Barry Humphries, the Australian Dame Edna Everage, was also a multiple Aquarius with Sun, Saturn and Venus in Aquarius with a Sun Saturn trine Jupiter.

8 thoughts on “Eddie Izzard – relaxed about he or she

  1. I recall that the psychic Jeane Dixon predicted years ago that “the antichrist” would be born on Feb. 5, 1962. Eddie is a couple days off, but I jokingly (and lovingly) call him that. Personally, I adore his comedy. He certainly does stir the pot of folks who believe in christs and antichrists.

  2. He’s comfortable in his own skin….nothing else matters. Totally fixed etc, but you can see in his face he has…himself. He knows who he is, has no axe to grind, and a hell of a lot to offer. You know you’d love talking to this fella, he’s real.

  3. I have noticed such ‘gender-fluidity’ and acceptance among Aquarians – Sun and Moon in particular, among both people I know and celebrities. (tho that doesn’t necessarily extend to other discrimination, such as race or culture – Aquarians often have a big blind spot).
    Will the Aquarian Age being heralded by the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction bring more acceptance so that one day such distinctions, as well as race, no longer matter ? When one feels total acceptance and belonging, identity politics become less important, and we can all simply ‘be’ ourselves.
    That is what the current cultural ‘majorities’ don’t understand yet, having always been able to be who they are, without needing to proclaim it. (Only those among them who have experienced what being an outsider is like begin to get a glimpse of understanding)

  4. Love Eddie! So funny. So smart. We are fortunate he/she is so successful, bringing smiles, laughs & inspiration re: being true to oneself.

  5. Eddie Izzard is a brilliantly funny comedian and he doesn’t “Identify” as anyone because he is secure and happy in being as he is.

    “Identify as” is a stupid phrase used by those who are trying to pretend that they are something they are not, just like Hilaria Baldwin, who I have never heard of before today, in your article preceding this one.

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